Mets Morning Laziness: Colon in Game 2, Bruce achy, Harvey Watch is On

Good morning. As you know, the Mets Morning Laziness is here to help you survive without Adam Rubin – but even in retirement Adam is still better than everyone else combined. I saw this nugget on Adam’s timeline!

Bartolo Colon will pitch at Citi Field in Game 2!  I kinda hope the Mets start The Dark Knight in Game 2 because that could be wonderfully entertaining, in a Joker kind of way

Anyways, the Mets are indeed gonna need 5 starters because of the schedule.

Jay Bruce’s hip hurts! OF problems do have a way of solving themselves.  Anyway, I am sure sending Jose Reyes to CF untried will do wonders for his hamstrings.  Assuming Reyes is back Wednesday he will have 8 games to get in third base and centerfield form.

Meanwhile over at one of the Amazin Insider Apple Blogs, someone actually wrote a Jay Bruce Could Silence Critics column.  Thanks man, we didn’t know.  And “could” is such a wonderful word.

I see the WBC has decided 9pm ET starts for the semis and finals will grow the game. That’s 2am Netherlands, 10am Tokyo (not bad) and 9pm USA


Today:   Harvey Day should be fun: 1pm WOR at Detroit

Tuesday: off day. The remaining beat writers generate nothing, should be boring.  Come back Adam!

Wednesday: 1pm WOR vs Marlins

Thursday: 1pm at Nats, looks like nothing unless you get MASN on your cable TV

Friday: 1pm vs Astros SNY

Saturday: 1pm at Braves, use the MLB for Braves radio

Link: The After Effects of Pitching in the World Baseball Classic - WSJ
Seen this movie: Mets play Braves (Dickey, Colon) twice at home in April