Mets Morning Laziness: All 25 Mets are hurt plus OMG It’s Jose Reyes T-Shirt Night

Oh boy oh boy oh boy – it’s Jose Reyes Free Shirt Friday!   Now do not underestimate how much Mets fans love t-shirts.  People fly to Seattle to get T-Shirts from the T-Shirt Guy.  The Mets destroyed their ace, Johan Santana, but because everyone got Nohan tees it’s totally cool.    Someone stepped on Santana’s foot which is why he’s been out for 5 years, it had nothing to do with the no hitter’s pitch count.

Anyway with half the team in the hospital, hurt or dead….Reyes is untouchable.

Slackish Reaction:  oh let’s see….Thor lost….the Mets could barely field a team….Cespedes got hurt….Conforto looked good in left….the Mets made errors….Terry burnt out Familia already letting him trow 30 pitches for some reason.   Not a good night.

The Mets played 40 practice games and barely tried Bruce at first.  That was stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid and they made the same mistake with not trying Piazza often at first that spring.  Like with most things Mets Police this is a first guess not a second guess.   Stupid.

Cespedes left the game with a hamstring cramp.  It’s just a cramp.  Haven’t you ever had a cramp?   Why would he be out for weeks?  I didn’t say that, your’e the one who is saying that.  I’m just saying he’s having an MRI on it.  Don’t you think he should have an MRI?

OMG OMG OMG:   David Wright to the 60 Day DL

Speaking of infielders…..interesting……

I’d be more excited about Mazzilli II but the PED thing ruined him for me. Sorry.

Did you see Mr. Met call his brother Mr. Met 1.5 ugly?

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