Mets Morning Laziness: Mike Trout is not a superstar

Hey how about that clickbait headline, huh?  I know how to do this.  Anyway I’ll get to that point at the end.  Meanwhile…

SLACKISH REACTION:  Nothing.  There was no game, and the post-Rubin beat doesn’t work on off-days.

The Mets will be on FOX on Saturday night!  Joe Buck and A-Rod have the call!  As I mentioned last Saturday, I think I am done with Saturday Night games.  I would rather do Something Else (movies, video games, talk to other people) so I’m not sure I’m any better a fan than Famous Comedians Who Are The Biggest Fans Ever when it comes to checking out.  Anyway, everyone is dismissed for the rest of the season, which is over by the way.

So the Mets announced this $28 off tickets thing, and that got me wondering how much tickets are to begin with.  Even if a ticket were $28.01 I would find that expensive.  So I clicked on it and…

So I could do the family of 5 math but I will just say “me and a friend” want to go.  47 x two….and you know there are gonna be fees…..(decides to mock that out for blog post)

….well never mind, the tickets weren’t available for Fri nor Sat nor Sun at 7am this morning.  So let’s move on.

DON’T CLICK:  today’s articles are all crap.  Let me just tell you the headlines and you can ask yourself do you need to read it.

Terry will become the leader in most Mets games managed.  OK, got it. What else is there to know.

The Mets need to start winning.  Thanks newspaper.

Mike Trout Is Good articles.  Gee, thanks newspapers!  However this leads me to my point on baseball not having superstars.  (A) I have to constantly remind myself not to call him Steve Trout and (B) do you even know what this guy looks like?   I don’t.  And he’s supposedly a big star.   He’s might be Baseball Big but he is not Lebron James or Kevin Durant or Tom Brady.


Question for Those Who Served, how do you feel about this ad?
Link: Letter of Recommendation: Mr. Met - The New York Times