Mets Police Morning Laziness: This is an Ex-Pennant Race

I’m telling you this team is dead.

No it isn’t.

It is.  Is is dead.  Is is 10.5 games back and losing to the team they are supposed to be chasing.

Naw naw, Seth Lugo and Matz are back.

Matt Harvey pitched with a broken shoulder and Thor hasn’t been seen in months.  Are you daft?

Jose Reyes hit a home run.

Look man, they are 10.5 games out.  This team is dead.

They could still win the Wild Card.

This team is ELEVEN games out of the Wild Card.  THIS IS AN EX PENNANT RACE.

SLACKISH REACTION:   I’m starting the Terry Watch Watch today, and it starts here.  It’s one thing to lose because the team sucks or Batman is pitching with a broken shoulder…it’s another to hand in what I saw last night, and what I saw was a dead team.  I’m not sure what Gil Hodges’ Ghost will be able to do with this roster, so many just let Terry finish out his service without the embarrassment of being fired, but that was a team not ready for a big game that played last night.

SCHEDULE.  10 DAY BREAK FOR ME!   Take a look at the schedule.  I can’t do 4pm today (could have done 1pm Mets), I have soccer and U2 tomorrow.  I don’t do 10pm. I don’t do Saturday night games….so it’s next Sunday before I watch a Mets game.


The newspaper figured out the Mets should sell at the deadline.  The 2019 rebuild comes early!

NOT LINKING: Over at one of the Amazing Apple Insiderized Blogs, they are speculating on the 2018 outfield for some reason.

Today the Mets will play their third straight game of allowing fans to sit without  additional protective netting.  Is the threat real or not?  Keep those fans safe and move everyone to the upper deck until these nets get here!   What might have happened had this fan not brought a glove last night and saved the fans behind him?

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