Mets Police Morning Laziness: to all you Fathers out there, the Season is over

SLACKISH REACTION:  remember back on May 16th when I told you the season was over?  Looks like everyone finally caught up.  Anyway I got my updates from my kid on his phone (hey Dad, the Mets are losing 2-0 already) and went about my Saturday.   I heard Murph doubled.  Hilarious.

The Mets are floating the idea that David Wright is about to resume baseball activities again.  Come on guys, we all love David, but we all know the truth.

NOT LINKING: the newspapers have all sorts of rock bottom and season over articles.  And since that’s what all the articles are…nothing to link.

Normally I do special-uniform screen grabs but I wasn’t home yesterday and even thought I taped the game so I could do them later, I just couldn’t be bothered. These kind of suck. I see some teams opted out of them (apparently you don’t HAVE to wear them. I’d love to see the Mets opt out).

I’m seeing a fair amount of “enough already” feedback on social, and MLB surely broke the golden goose of idiots like me buying everything.  Too much MLB, so I switched over to buying NONE.  Also $40 caps need to stop.

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