MLB doing poor job with Dad’s Something Weekend

Did you get your dad a blue hat and jersey for Dad’s Something Weekend?

I keep seeing messaging like this…

How exactly does a blue cap celebrate a dad?  Hey dad, I have a blue Mets cap on.  No not a blue Mets cap, a different shade of blue Mets cap.

Somewhere in here, the fundraising aspects got lost.

Now I didn’t watch yesterday, so it’s possible that Gary and Ron spent three innings talking about the importance of Prostate Cancer screening. I did check the @mets twitter feed, and as I write this they have gone 45 ytweets dating back to Friday at 2:19pm in which they have not mentioned cancer.

My point isn’t that the Mets or the Social Media Guy (who I live btw) aren’t forces for good, but that MLB and the MLB Shop are all over with this one.  Where does the $40 cap money go?  (Well, see above).   Is there actual awareness here?   What’s the messaging.

The messaging seems to be “Dad’s Something.”  In two weeks we will have the second of our three annua “America F*ck Yeah!” weekends where you know, America and Troops and Stuff.   What’s the messaging, MLB?


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