Mets Police Morning Laziness: told ya the Mets would win.

SLACKISH REACTION:  I got home at 2am from U2 who were very good.  My soccer teams won.  I guess the Mets did too (told ya, and they will win again tonight), the One True Ace won, and Murph got a double.

A friend of mine whoa actually follows this stuff emailed me to ask why the Mets were wearing Carolina Blue.  As I said, MLB did a lousy job with messaging for “Dad’s Something” Weekend.  Next up, America F Yeah Weekend!

DEFINITELY NOT LINKING:  There are a-hole articles and blog posts absit
Daniel Murphy being Daniel Murphy”  Holy sh*t you people NEVER EVER LEARN.  Yeah i bet the Nats are really unhappy with their 10.5 game lead.

Other than that looks like an extremely quiet morning of what should be a quiet week of 10pm starts.  Time to empty the DVRs.

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