Mets Police Morning Laziness: Game of Moans

The Mets have figured out a way to sell tickets without fees for the rest of the season.  Funny how they cannot do this when the Mets make the playoffs or for Opening Day or for your season plans.

SLACKISH REACTION:  The Mets are 13 games back.  They lost.  I was at soccer and by the time I got in the car it was 9-1 so I didn’t bother.  I’m sure the 52 guys at Amazing Apple Insiderized Blog can tell you what happened.

I’m seeing a lot of tweets about the netting.  Some think the mainstream media will come to their rescue.  Listen kids, until the netting blocks the press box nobody in the MSM will care.  It’s the same thing as the 2009 discovery that you can’t see the LFer from Promenade Left – we don’t talk about that much because everyone knows not to sit there – but wow YOU CAN’T SEE THE LEFT FIELDER.

The MSM also didn’t care about the plexiglass.  They don’t care about ticket prices or parking or lines at the rotunda.   They aren’t going to care about the netting but they will just go with the party line that it’s safer.

Cespedes’ hip. is bothering him.   Unfortunate.

Must be nice to be Gary Cohen and get to sleep in on a Monday and stroll into work mid-afternoon, but for me, I’m up and out the door again by the time you read this.  I wish I had his travel schedule.  I would get to go to San Diego and Seattle next week?  Sounds pretty cool, no?  What until Gary finds out what time Thursday’s game is.

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