Rays Police Morning Laziness: Welcome Home Rays!

SLACKISH REACTION:  Tough one for the Home Team as our Rays dropped the game 5-1 to the New York AL’s.  I didn’t see much of this one but I did put it on around 9:30 to see the curiosity and lasted maybe one batter because baseball is very boring.  I also didn’t look at any of the football because One Football Game is even more unwatchable than a baseball game.

Meanwhile, the former residents of Citi Field had a quiet day and play in Chicago, a series which would be much more appealing if played in June and played as day games.

Good stuff from the 538 about David Wright and what his stats might have become.

And some NOT LINKING generic crap about how the Mets were supposed to be better.  Quiet day in Queens….except for the big Rays game.

The 2012 Mets team, the best bad team you don't appreciate
Let's Go Rays!