Mets Police Morning Laziness: I Wanna Hanhold your Hand

SLACKISH REACTION:   Paul McCartney puts on a great show.  38 songs and nearly three hours last night in Newark.  So no Mets or Rays for me, but I see the Mets lost 8-3.  Tonight, The Dark Knight Returns Yet Again!  But I have volleyball.

Darryl Strawberry ripped the Mets.  I will get into that later today.

Goeddel might have Vertigo.

The Mets called up someone named Nido who is a catching prospect, act like of course you’re into him and have been following his career.

The Mets got Hanhold back for Neil Walker, whoever Hanhold is.

The 2018 Schedule is officially out, but of course you read Mets Police every day and had the leaked version for a week now.

I actually like this thing below.  Although #MetsFacts is begging to be mocked.


Honestly, at some point, enough with the 1986 Mets already
Here's the 2018 Mets schedule officially