Good article about the Mets’ plan to destroy baseball with 4 inning starts

Newsday breaks down the plan to avoid the pitchers facing hitters the third time the order. It actually sounds half-way thought out but the Mets and MLB are missing the issue…

This will completely destroy the sport of baseball.

I don’t care if the Mets win 125 games doing this. It makes for an unwatchable sport. It would be like an NBA team realizing they could win if they start sending the opponents to the foul line in the early 3rd quarter. Or an NFL team realize that once they are up 14 their best move is to take three knees and punt because it takes 4 minutes off the clock each time. Yeah it might work but who wants to watch it?

Nobody wants to see the 5th inning guy.

Nobody wants to see the 6th inning guy

Nobody wants to see the 7th inning guy.

Nobody wants to see the 8th inning guy.

I know I am from another time but why didn’t pitchers as far back as say ten years ago have this issue?

No thanks on this product. You will all call me old man like you always do and then eventually come around…just like you have on replay sucking.

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