Mets Police Morning Laziness: Call of Duty

SLACKISH REACTION: Great day yesterday as I did my Chill & Netflix (see yesterday’s Morning Laziness). I wound up buying Call of Duty. As predicted it needed 5 frigging hours of updates, so I wound up playing Gran Turismo 6 on the PS3 (I have advanced HDMI switcher technology) then some Atari Flashback (Dodge ‘Em, I still got skills) then back to the PS4 for FIFA and I have rekindled my love for NBA2K17 and my San Diego Sharks franchise. Also went to the PS4 store and saw Destiny 2 was $39 so I grabbed that and figured it will probably download between now and Valentine’s Day.

Five hours later the game was installed and I checked out the campaign mode which looks way cool. Then I wanted to try multiplayer and go destroyed in Deathmatch. THEN I found what I was really looking for which is the WAR mode which is more like the multiplayer I am used to from Battlefield. Played a little, but then it was 9pm and I switched into “TV” Mode.

None of that has anything to do with the Mets but…

Newsday breaks down the plan to avoid the pitchers facing hitters the third time the order. It actually sounds half-way thought out but the Mets and MLB are missing the issue…

This will completely destroy the sport of baseball.

I’ll have a longer post on that later this morning.

Is Keith Hernandez the best Mets player of the 80’s? Yeah probably.

Good article about the Mets' plan to destroy baseball with 4 inning starts
Is Keith Hernandez the best Mets player of the 1980s? Maybe.