Mets Morning Laziness: why the hell am I up so early?

SLACKSH REACTION: wow Sunday of a three day weekend and I’m up at 5:15 to drive two hours to a soccer tournament. And the Mets lost in extras and Yo is more hurt.  TDK on SNB to save Terry’s job.  Should be fun.  That’s all I got this early. 


What if just one player per team wore Camo uniforms for Memorial Day

I am stealing from myself as Jimmy Buffett one said, and I have floated this idea for Jackie Robinson Day, but…

What if just one player per team wore the camo uniforms instead of every single player and coach taking part in whatever this America F*ck Yeah Salute The Troops thing MLB is doing, and overdoing for three days.

What if each team picked a representative.  Lets say it’s Curtis Granderson.   All the Mets are in normal uniforms, but Curtis plays in camo.  As the team’s representative, he is spotlighted and speaks about why he wanted to be the one who would be honored with the camo uniform, and then maybe tell a personal story or highlight a particular service person that meant something to him or that he just happened to hear about.


Now here I started out to do a cut and paste and was going to show an example along the lines of “look.  I googled (search term) and found….” and was going to post a photo of someone.  Then I thought twice and although my heart was in the right place, I definitely don’t want to do the opposite of what I am trying to do and turn someone’s death into a blog post.  Anyway….

Curtis could share a story with someone.  We could together learn about someone and that person would be remembered, which is what the point of the day is….not this vague America F*ck Yeah Support The Troops thing that this has turned into.  Yay camo jerseys.

Much like Robinson Day, I think by going to big MLB loses impact.  Pick one person, and let that person carry the message.  Just a though.  Very open to other ideas, hit me up on the Facebook page.

Must Read: Yankees ticket sales plunge; New York has lost $166 million since 2009 |

I saved this one from yesterday since I have the soccer games this morning and needed some content.  Excellent read…..and you can cross out Yankees and write in Mets for most of this stuff.

It’s not just that the Yankees have priced out the average fan. They have no remorse in doing so and have no problem telling everyone that the rich fan is much more important than the middle class fan. The team built a concrete moat in the new, charmless Yankee Stadium so fans who couldn’t afford the good seats couldn’t go near them.

Source: Yankees ticket sales plunge; New York has lost $166 million since 2009 |

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