Mets pretending they think we can write in Conforto tickets deal

(A) I can’t imagine anyone actually bothers to count write in votes in a digital age

(B) who the hell else from the Mets could make the All Star Team?




FLUSHING, N.Y., May 24, 2017 – The New York Mets today announced a “4 for $30” ticket promotion tied to MLB All-Star Game balloting in honor of Outfielder Michael Conforto.  Now through Sunday, June 4 fans can take advantage of this unique and limited time offer to purchase four tickets for $30 (Conforto’s uniform number) for the Mets homestand vs. the Milwaukee Brewers May 29-June 1 and Pittsburgh Pirates June 2-4.  Seats for this promotion are located in the Promenade Outfield and must be purchased online at with a limit of eight tickets per transaction subject to availability


With the fans’ help, Conforto would be the first All-Star to be selected as a write-in candidate in over 40 years.  Fans can vote for Conforto to make the All-Star Game by going to


Entering play today, Conforto…

  • Has a .333 batting average, eighth-best in the National League while his 1.138 OPS is fourth-best in the NL (fifth-best in the majors).
  • Has 13 home runs, tied for the third-most in the NL (tied for sixth-most in the majors) and he leads the team with 31 RBI.
  • Owns a .425 on-base percentage, the seventh-best mark among National League players, and has scored 34 runs, tied for the sixth-most in the National League.


Below is the schedule of games the “4 for $30” Conforto promotion will apply for:

Monday, May 29 vs. Milwaukee (4:10 p.m.)

Tuesday, May 30 vs. Milwaukee (7:10 p.m.)

Wednesday, May 31 vs. Milwaukee (7:10 p.m.)

Thursday, June 1 vs. Milwaukee (1:10 p.m.)

Friday, June 2 vs. Pittsburgh (7:10 p.m.)

Free Shirt Friday presented by Empire City Casino to all fans in attendance

Saturday, June 3 vs. Pittsburgh (7:15 p.m.)

Postgame Fireworks

Sunday, June 4 vs. Pittsburgh (1:10 p.m.)

Play Ball Bat & Ball set to the first 15,000 fans as part of MLB’s Play Ball Weekend

Mets Morning Laziness: The Dark Knight Eats Innings Sort Of (plus Matthew Broderick!)

SLACKISH REACTION: The Dark Knight Returned with 6Ks, 2 runs in 5 innings.  Not bad right?  Actually it was awful if you watched it.  The line won’t show it but TDK was terrible again.  You guys can’t even blame lack of run support this time.

You people that want to write in Conforto – I know your heart is in the right place but (a) do you think anyone at MLB is counting write in votes in a digital age?  or any age?  (b) who the hell else has a chance of making the ASG from the Mets.  He’s in.  Unless the horrible Mets injury bug gets him, and yeah I said it, and yeah you know it will because Mets.

Anyway, as stupid as the Mets were for playing Cespedes with a sore hammy, getting Yo out of Queens for a month opened the door for M.C.   So that’s good, right?

I listened to the start of the game on the Padres feed (which has the same commercials issue as all the other feeds, except the Mets feed, which has its own issues) and got into their PBP guy Ted Leitner.

Apparently he’s been around forever without me knowing (can’t say I catch many Padres radio games) but really liked him.  He’s very chatty, but what I really liked was his home run call of Conforto.   From memory it was…

“Off the bat I thought it was gone……(waits for result)…..and it is!”

Loved it.  A nice honest call.  Didn’t force in his catch phrase (unless “and it is” said in a calm voice is his catch phrase).  I wish more PBP guys would describe home runs and not force slogans.

Speaking of baseball coverage, ICYMI the first installment of You Overproduced This TV Broadcast recaps SNY having Matthew Broderick disrupt the game.

As you may know, the Morning Laziness is unlike Rubin’s old Morning Briefing in that I am not here to link to stupid things.  In today’s not-links…

Suddenly the newspaper thinks the Mets have too many good catchers!  (Not linking)

A blogger is wondering if Wright will be the next Mets manager.  No.  Not linking,

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