Reality Check People: here’s the Math of Mets to 90 wins and catching Nats at 90 wins

Hi kids.  Saw another site getting roped back in because the Mets swept the Giants.   IT’S OVER.

The Mets are 34-41 and 11 games back.  To keep this simple for everyone I am going to pretend that no other team but the Nationals exist and we’re going to ignore that the teams all play each other so somebody is gonna win when they do.   So lets assume the Marlins and Braves fold and ignore them.

To get to 90 wins, not a huge total, the Mets would need to go 56-31, which is .643 ball.   Right now only the Dodgers are playing that well in the entire National League.  That gets the Mets to 90.

For the Nats to win 90, the Nats have to go 45-42 which is  .517 ball

While the Nats are playing such awful baseball, it is fortunate that they are not losing those 52 games to the Braves nor Phillies, who are also playing so poorly that they don’t win 90 games either.

COULD it happen?  Yeah it COULD.  It also COULD happen with the Mets putting me in the starting rotation (I am not banned from baseball, so it’s more likely they use me than say Pete Rose.)

This is around the time that you imagine the Mets must be like 5 in back of the Wild Card.  WRONG.  They are 11.5, with lots of teams between them and the promised land – and those teams play each other.

And now you grasp for straws and talk about the 78 Yankees or the 2007 Phillies and all that.  Great, 2 examples in 125 years of baseball, 25 of those with 4 divisions, and another 25 with 6 divisions.

Anyone who understands math, and that apparently includes Sandy Alderson, knows it’s over.  Which I told you on May 16th.  Pay attention gang.


Link: We should all love something as much as Daniel Murphy loves baseball – The Washington Post

Most of all, Murphy is that rare, utterly un-self-conscious player who shows every emotion — not on some sleeve but right smack on his face — hiding nothing from fans, mocking himself, rejoicing with his team, whether he is making one of his cockamamie errors or hitting the 100th homer of his career as he did on Friday night.

Source: We should all love something as much as Daniel Murphy loves baseball – The Washington Post

Mets Police Morning Laziness: Red Hot Mets roll onto Miami!

SLACKISH REACTION:   The red hot Mets are just 11 back, and with Montero pitching like this and the Mets are coming to Miami and David Wright should be back soon……

I’m still totally confused as to why Cabrera started over Reyes yesterday.  Did Terry really give him a day off into an off day just 48 hours after upsetting the clubhouse?

3 hours and 44 minutes?  Baseball is terrible.

Tim Tebow is being promoted to Port St. Lucie for some reason!  Not linking!

Why won’t the Mets call up Szapucki?

I read Wheeler will start Friday. (Not linking. That’s all you need to know.)

I didn’t realize former Yankees backup PA announcer Jim Hall died a few weeks ago.  I liked his work.




Mets Police Morning Laziness: Time to trade…..Jacob deGrom

I have been thinking about this a lot.  If the Astros want Jacob deGrom, take the call.  Always trade high, and right now JDG’s value is high.  You may remember four starts ago when he looked broken, and you know how pitcher’s in Queens tend to break….but take the call.  The Rebuild is here, and the Mets need to be bold.  This would be bold.  They aren’t winning in 2017, and they will have four to five new position players in 2018.  That’s a rebuild.  Get younger.  I love Jacob deGrom, but I would take the call.


SLACKISH REACTION:  The 4th place Mets continued to be in 4th place despite a great outing by Jacob deGrom.  They are 12 games out.  They don’t need deGrom.  Today is Montero Day!  Jose Reyes hit a triple raising his average to .192!

The Mets are actually playing at 4pm!  So naturally I was invited to a BBQ that starts at……4pm.  D’oh.   I’ll jump back into the TV thing on Tuesday.  I haven’t been home one night this week anyway and wouldn’t have even seen 7pm games.  LGM.



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