Mets Police Morning Laziness: desertions!

So we gotta talk about this. I think this sums up everything in Queens right now.


It was a beautiful night. Syndregaard was back.  Fireworks.  Even some Matt Harvey action if that’s your thing. And yet I’m seeing a lot of empty seats out where the people in matching shirts sit.

Now, I wasn’t there either and I couldn’t be bothered to watch the entire game on TV so I’m not better or worse….but the optics here…if you’re the Mets, you really should wonder about where your fanbase is right now. I think you Mets did the right thing in trading all the contracts, but you need to reinvest this off-season. You can’t roll this lineup into 2018.

As for the fan optics, part for the challenge of being such a visible and noisy element of the fanbase is that it’s noticeable when you’re not.  I don’t doubt that most of the original Enthusiasts were there, but there had been an influx of second generation soldiers that were more obnoxious than Tesus & The Disciples ever were..and I bet those folks are off to see The Judge.

The Enthusiasts have another outing on Wednesday. This time there will be no RA Dickey 20 wins, no Jose Reyes batting title, and no road to the playoffs.   Let’s hope the army represents.

But this isn’t really about a few frontrunners who wanted to hang out by the bridge in August 2015- August 2017, this about the Mets.  Why would anyone come?  You Mets whipped out everything you could have last night short of having Seaver give free hugs in the rotunda…and still…nobody cared.  It’s not like this is year 6 of a rebuild, this is week 6 and people have checked out.  Right now there is no bridge to the past, and only a two man bridge to the future.  These are the Aoki Mets, whose stories will only be remembered by some random Greg Prince columns in ten years.

Games are increasingly annoying to attend.  Expensive.  Slower than slow.  TVs are better.  Why would anyone attend your product in 2018?  Look how quickly the outfield emptied out on Harvey Fireworks Day.

SLACKISH REACTION: Thor came and went, and then The Dark Knight was mediocre (that’s being kind) for 4 innings. Then TDK and so did I. Watched some more Vietnam (it is fantastic) and then saw the Mets were in the 10th inning and I didn’t care so I watched this Reagan thing I had taped a few weeks back.  I seriously only found out who hit the HR by writing this.

The Mets and Terry Collins should admit right now that he isn’t coming back so that the fans can give Terry a nice hand.  Terry deserves better than an ovation from 5400 people on Wednesday.  Do it on a sunny Sunday.


Nothing worth linking or not linking to today.


Great Headline -> Now you can watch the Mets lose with augmented reality | New York Post

The New York Mets are wrapping up a forgettable season, but that’s not keeping the franchise from trying to give its fans a good time at Citi Field.Starting Monday, for the last three home dates of

Source: Now you can watch the Mets lose with augmented reality | New York Post

Mets Police Morning Laziness: Happy Thorsday

Here’s the plan.   Ready?

Syndergaard is going to start the game and pitch one inning.

Then Matt Harvey will come in and pitch the second and hopefully more.

Let’s break down this dumb-ass plan.

What’s wrong with Syndergaard?  What have the Mets warned us about?  It’s that he gets too amped up and overthrows and loved when yahoos were fawning over him throwing 101 that weekend back in April.  So let’s start him in front of the last big crowd (fireworks night) so he can get amped up and overthrow!

What’s wrong with Matt Harvey?  Lots of things including his psyche.  Arm issues aside, and there are many, we continuously see that TDK does not react well when things go bad.  When he’s on and confident he can throw a ball through a wall and bang supermodels.  As soon as a runner gets on base he turns into Harv.

This is a guy who thrives on being The Man.   So let’s let him know that he’s behind Thor in the pecking order (not to mention JDG who never gets mentioned because he doesn’t have a cool superhero name) and eff with his brain and his pregame ritual.   Harvey doesn’t even get his own Harvey Day.

My prediction:  Thor strikes out the side, everyone gets amped up, and we get more “soreness” reports on Monday.   Then. the Dark Knight is so bad that the loyal to the last out crowd boos him at home.

Great plan Mets.  Great plan.    This is why the smart teams do this stuff on the road.


SLACKISH REACTION: There was a time if someone asked you to choose between the Mets and Vietnam you would have picked the Mets.  Well, last night I knocked out two episodes of the Ken Burns doc, then tried episode two of The Deuce (got bored, I hate the James Franco playing two roles thing, and DVR-canceled it), then some other stuff.  A nice night on the couch.  And you guys think I would have tuned in to see Murph.  Nah.  Anyway the Mets won and closed to within 26 games of first place!

Today has it all!  Batman, Thor, fireworks, the best weather ever, even the t-shirt people and their dumb ass He Struck Him Out chant.  (wow second use of dumb-ass in one post)  If you want to take in one Mets game before the season dies, this is it.


Sandy will be back.

Sandy says TDK will be back.


I have an early soccer game.  Go outside people!!! Winter is coming.


Dave Kingman would be baseball’s superstar if he played now

Let’s look at some home run numbers.  You will see numbers like 37, 36, even a 48 when he was with the Cubs.

These numbers weren’t hit in 2017, they were hit in the 70s and 80s so feel free to add 30 to any of those totals.

Now have those home runs go FAR.  Far up the Shea Stadium scoreboard.  To you millennials, imagine home runs soaring to the bridge (well maybe a little further to the side but you get the idea.)

Now add on cool nicknames.  Dave preferred Sky King (eyeball) but the fans called him Kong.  Imagine what the t-shirt guy could do with Kong.


Put all that together in 2017 and he’s a superstar.

So why wasn’t he one then?  Low average and high strikeouts.  One time Kong even struck out 156 times!  Can you imagine??  (The Judge is sitting on 199).

Kong only batted .236 for his career.

A one dimensional power hitter. Exactly what people fawn over these days.  Cool nickname, moon shot home runs.

Dave, you were born at the wrong time.

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