Whatever happened to The Wilpons?

Hey guys, as Mets Police heads into its 10th season, I was reflecting on Topics Past and started wondering about The Wilpons.

Whatever happened to those guys?  You fans used to mention them all the time while boycotting games and renting billboards and stuff.  Now I never hear about The Wilpons.

It seemed to stop right around the time Cespedes showed up.  Could that be a coincidence?

The great prophets of our time (Cerrone, Baron, ‘Goon and me) correctly pointed out the Frontrunner aspect to Wilpon bashing.  Win and its all cool and everyone returns to Queens.  As soon as the 2019 rebuild kicks in and Matt Harvey and Gary Sanchez are winning pennants across town you guys will suddenly bash the Wilpons again.

Now I don’t care if you like the Wilpons or bash them, but boy that rage is gone. Are all financial decisions cool as long as the money goes to power hitters?  There was quite the rage against our owners for a while. They are still the same owners.  Now we have no billboards, no newspaper articles, and everyone is back at Citi.

Winning hides all sins, as the great prophets told you.


Mets Opening Day Weather Watch 5 Days Out

I know some of the minor bloggers are totally obsessed with whether or not I will attend Monday’s game.  So far I do not have tickets, and I do have a 10am meeting in NYC.  So that rules out Cool Tailgate With The Anti-Wright People and Walk Around The Museum With Rusty…..but does increase the chances of me showing up at 12:30 as I’m already over the bridge.

On the weather front, we’ve lost another degree, down to 52 now, as the trend gets colder.  53 and 49 are very different things so let’s keep an eye on this

Mets Morning Laziness: GKR join Instagram and The Earth is Doomed! (Unrelated, I think.)

Good morning.  Here’s all the things you should pay attention to, and those you should ignore because they are a waste of time that can be summed up in one sentence.

The most interesting thing is this article about GKR have an instagram!  That’s a must follow.

That’s a wrap in PSL. See you Monday! #GaryKeithRon #sny @snytv

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The next interesting thing is this Snazzy Mets X-Box One!

In less interesting news, one of the newspapers has an article about how the Mets offense should be better with Bruce and Duda.  Yes 55 HRs does tend to make an offense better. Thanks newspaper!  Not linking.

Also in newspapers, the Obligatory Gsellman Is Good articles.  Not linking.  What else do you need to know?

In out of town newspapers, the Washington Post thinks the Mets will finish second.  OK, I’ll link.

Don’t miss out on the 2017 Mets Police Guide To Memes!

What do secret scouts say about the Mets?  Good stuff from SI

Mike Pelfrey rumors!   Might he be released?

Jerry Blevins thinks he looks like a serial killer here.


Shut up and Stick To Sports!

ICYMI, Trump doomed the environment yesterday.  Seriously you need to pay attention to this one.

You also lost your internet privacy yesterday.

Yeah yeah, I know, shut up and stick to sports, but yesterday was particularly bad.  Read the links.


Today it’s the Braves at 1pm on The Braves Radio Network (MLB App)

Thurs: off

Friday: big exhibition game at Citi Field! No TV, no radio, no t-shirt enthusiasts (they have plans elsewhere.)

And that’s a wrap for the spring. If you can’t figure out how to watch or listen to regular season games without my help you should switch blogs to one of the Amazing Apple Insider Blogs or the guy that totally stole “Morning Briefing” title from Rubin.  They also probably don’t care about the environment or internet privacy.

You’ll never guess who thinks Video Game Jerry Blevins looks like a serial killer

Guess who thinks Video Game Jerry Blevins looks like a serial killer.

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