The World Series Is Over

What did you guys think about the World Series?
 I have to say that the start times sucked for the games but the games themselves were pretty exciting. I haven’t looked up the ratings yet but how is a sport supposed to grow fans with such out of control start times? I can’t even stay up that late and I work 20 hrs a day.
 Shannon and I mess around a lot about soccer vs baseball and I want you to know that I have tried to give soccer a chance and it is not exciting for me at all. Baseball while exciting to me has started to get in its own way with all the minute pitching changes which needs to to be fixed. Enough with the lefty/right, righty/lefty matchups. If you are a major league player you should be able to hit or pitch against another major leaguer. Stop overthinking the sport.
 As I said on my blog, I am glad Carlos Beltran got a ring. Mets fans have vilified him enough over the years for that strike out in 2006. That was one of the nastiest pitches that I have seen. If he had swung at it, you would have gotten a “Why did he swing at that pitch?” narrative instead. It would have been cool for Cutis Granderson to have gotten a WS Championship ring but it wasn’t in the cards. That guy is a class act and deserved one. I wonder if he retires…
 The Mediagoon hostile takeover of Metspolice is still happening folks. Let’s see how long it takes for Shannon to figure it out….

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@Mediagoon Takes Over Metspolice

I have decided that I am going to do a hostile takeover of Metspolice today. I locked Shannon away in his house in the far away land of NJ and will bring you Soccer free MP while still running my own site.
 This seems like a good time to plug the Queens Baseball Convention that will be taking place on Jan 20th 2018 at Katch Astoria. Want up to date info? Click here.
 Did I mention that I changed all Shannon’s Passwords Also? That should be fun…..
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Bad New Folks. QBC16 Is Cancelled For This Weekend

Hey guys. WE HATE THIS! We had hope that the snow was going to go past us(and it still might). We don’t want to have any body worry about getting to or getting home in bad weather conditions. That being said, we are working on another date. No. We have no Idea when yet, that’s why we are working on it.Trying our best to make it work.

Also, we have contacted Host Committee about refunding your money and they said that they will start sending the refunds out sometime tomorrow.We would like to thank O’Neill’s of Maspeth for graciously opening their doors to us and being so understanding about the cancellation. We want you guys to go visit them. Great food there and a great place to watch sports. Let Danny and Deirdre know that we told you to check them out.

We are so bummed about having to cancel QBC16. #BLAMEBELTRAN

Here is our official press release.

QBC 16 Press Release on NorEaster

QBC 16 Press Release on NorEaster

QBC ’16 Mets Villains Panel

Who is the worst Villain in Mets history? Chipper Jones? Chase Utley? Bobby Bonilla? Hosted by Brian Wright, this panel will try to figure out who is the ultimate arch nemesis of the Mets?
 For tickets and info go to
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QBC’16 Panel: What is a Fan?

The panel will question, What is a Fan?. Is it the guy who stays on his deck all summer and doesn’t travel to a game? Is it a fan who has a ticket plan in flushing? Is it someone who has been with the team their whole lives?
 The panel will be hosted by Mark Healey. Shannon Shark, Media Goon, Sean O’Shea, plus maybe a surprise guest will be on this panel.
 Should be a fun one the way Goon and Shark usually go at it.
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