Let’s discuss MLB Pace of Play, shorter commercials and NO MOUND TRIPS

I was watching Daytona (on DVR of course because I hate commercial breaks and don’t have 4 hours to stare at a sporting event) and saw this…

So I tweeted that I hope The Commish has seen this amazing technology.  My idea is that if baseball shortened each commercial break by :30 and did this coming back – that would save 16.5 minutes right there.  Apply the same logic to a pitching change and we could save even more time (especially as Mickey sets out to bullpen the sport to its death).

Then @bizballmaury hit me with this article (good read) that suggests The Commish is ok with shortening commercial breaks,   And Maury sent this one over from USA Today that asks if you’re willing to trade on-field ads (presumably virtual) for fewer commercials.  Watch some Aussie Football for what that might look like.

To me, commercial breaks and the horrible awful pitching changes are the places to make the stand.   My ideas include….

  • no warm up pitches.  You don’t get practice swings,  You don’t get a few practice grounders.  You don’t get to run some sprints.  Come in ready.
  • no trips to the mound.  It’s 2018.  Put some speakers in a cap.  And make the pitching change from the dugout.  I don’t need to watch Mickey strolling to the mound 5 times and having conversations and then some dude throwing 8 extra pitches.

These are not major rule changes.  Having someone bat for the pitcher is a major rule change.  We can live with no mound trips.  Get this done now.



Carter, Wilson, Nixon, Johnson and The All Time Mets Presidents Team

Happy President’s Day.  You know the day when we celebrate the Presidents whether they be Abraham Lincoln or say someone else (I am not going there).

I thought Prez Day would make for some solid EVERGREEN FILLER CONTENT.   Blog once and you can get years out of this.

President Gary “James Earl” Carter

President Al “Andrew” Jackson

President Stan “Thomas” Jefferson.  (Wasn’t he “Stanley” Jefferson?  The official roster and his cards say Stan)

LynJo, President Lyndon B. “Howard” Johnson.  (yeah I flipped it for the joke)

Trot “Tricky Dick” Nixon was not a crook in 2008

Claudell “George” Washington from 1980


William Hayward “Woody” Wilson

And last but not least (well maybe least) let us not forget Brian “James’ Buchanan (2004 Mets) who I can’t even find in a Mets uniform.


And there ya have it.  QUALITY FILLER CONTENT.   Hey it was a quiet day and I need to blog.  If it were up to me Mickey and Matt Harvey would do something stupid while hanging out with Kellyanne Conway, but until then, filler it is.  Oh and Tebow nonsense….I’m not in the mood for Tebow nonsense.  You saw Sandy said he’d make the majors, right?  NOT LINKING but that’s for the morning.

Mets Police Morning Laziness: Syndergaard has more twitter followers than the Mets

SLACKISH REACTIONFun to read how the Mets were like uh oh and the social media waved off posting any photos of DTJ with our heroes.

There is a lot of coverage of David Wright speaking to the media yesterday.    Did was so well spoken, answered it all and gave Real Human Being answers not the robotic nothingness you get out of a lot of these guys (cough, A-Rod).  On the other hand I am sad that DW showed up because I was really starting to get traction with The Conspiracy.  Then again, could have been Deep Fakes and Frank Caliendo.  The Truth Is Out There.

Holy cow, Noah Syndergaard has 1.1 million followers on twitter.  The actual Mets have just shy of 990,000.   Is Noah more popular than the team?  Here are some of his followers from page 1 of the followers tab.

We may have a new case Scully!

I thought the Mets had said giveaways were 25,000 this season but I must have misunderstood.

I got a lot of snow.

Mets Police Morning Laziness: Mickey Trumps The Shark (plus my Wright conspiracy catches on)

Totally stole that headline from Greg Prince.   So much to cover on a Saturday…..

SLACKISH REACTION: Well well this should be fun.

Lots of warring Mets fans. The anti-Trump people are angry they hung out with DJT.   The anti-anti-Trump people are using swear words at the first group.  I just think, Matt Harvey hangs out with DTJ?  Yeah of course he does.  And the bros think Shark Fishing is bro manly cool rad…yeah of course they do.

So Mickey will find himself with his first unnecessary distraction his morning unless the beat rolls over, and based upon the 2016 beat I bet they will.  So we’ll see.

I find it personally interesting that if I search Twitter that this story dominates, yet on Google News I don’t even see it.  I don’t know why that would be and I don’t have a conspiracy behind it yet,  But I will.  Speaking of conspiracies…


Meanwhile, we head into Day 5 of David Wright supposedly being in Florida.  He was supposedly at the U Michigan game at First Data Field but again nobody had any cameras.

During Shark Fun last night I did get some tweets on this…





Look at this first one. David’s head looks tiny. Photoshop?

UPDATE: There had been a second tweet there. Now it has disappeared. (original link) Conspiracy!!!!

Not convinced? OK how about this….

You see the truth now.

Oh and how about this…

Matt Cerrone says David Wright will speak to the media today.  Let’s see if anyone has a camera.

NOT LINKING:  something about Juan Lagares’ swing.  Who cares.  We have DTJ Sharks and Matt Harvey all in one story.  That’s blogger paradise.

DID THE METS GET ANY NEW PLAYERS?  Oh yeah they signed Jason Vargas who won 18 games last year, took 30 starts and had more innings pitched than any Met but JDG last season.  How could you not like this?  How could this not be the lead item….unless Matt Harvey went shark fishing with DTJ and of course the Wright conspiracy.


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