Mets make major roster moves. Well not really but Robles is DFAd

Possibly Drew Smith or maybe even Kevin Kazmarski

The Mets probably want you to know the below but I guess Mets Intern Five is working and I didn’t get the press release or a Featured Image


Mets & Star Wars Podcast 87: bad week for Mets, Star Wars and Iceland

Hey it’s that podcast I co-host with Jason Fry from Faith & Fear where we talk about the Mets and we talk about Star Wars!

The Mets keep losing, and there are rumors about the never announced Star Wars spinoffs. Join us as we both stare at a World Cup game and podcast.

Listen below or on iTunes.


00:00 CREED II Trailer and rebooting the 1986 Mets
03:00 Mickey Callaway
06:30 Trades?
07:00 Who won the Dickey trade?


12:30 The Last Jedi remake
16:30 Writing and current events
20:00 The rumors regarding the spinoff movies

T-Shirt guy has cool Mrs. Mets caps

These go on sale 10am Friday, available at TTSG

While we’re discussing Mrs. Met, if you’re the type of fellow who has only one 5 games in two seasons and you do something uncool with Mrs. Met, I am going to move you into the Harvey Zone when it comes to blogging.  You don’t want to be in the Harvey Zone.  Five wins.  Even Matt Harvey has won six.

These caps also come in black for some reason.

Mets Police Morning Laziness: Mickey says don’t worry about the record

You’re not going to believe me so go Google it.  Mickey Hodges actually said not to worry about the team’s record.  In the postgame.  What?  Go look, I will wait.

SLACKISH REACTION:  Don’t worry about the record.  Don’t worry about the record?  The Mets are 11.5 games back but don’t worry about that.  I know a guy and he can get us on the VIP list for the playoffs.

Anyway the Mets played the Rockies and stuff and who cares.  Don’t worry about the record.

Gare almost Sterling’d a triple.

The Dark Knight didn’t quite return but Matt Harvey looked pretty good last night.

The Piazza Jersey will be on display at the 9-11 Memorial.

Really really awesome Jurassic Caps by the Rumble Ponies.  Someone buy one for me.

The threat the Mets are not taking seriously.


Oh great.

NOT LINKING: If you’re new, not linking is where I tell you about articles not worth a click. We have the article that tells us how the Mets can get Machado. Please. We also have the article that says the Mets trading deGrom to the Yankees is a long shot. Ya think?

Gary Cohen comes thisclose to Sterlinging a Triple


You hear it, don’t you?  Someone wanted to get his catch phrase in so badly that he almost Sterlinged a call. Fortunately Gare was able to resist just in time after a long annnnnnnd. (thanks Nick!)

Gare was able to get the phrase in during the 1st inning


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