I would like to advertise.  What’s the story?

The short version is you can have one of those box ads on the right for $50/month.  For real traffic data and particulars check out the media kit.

Who are you?

Shannon Shark, a Mets fan.  Contact me at shannon@metspolice.com

What are you blogging about?

This is a fan advocacy blog.   I’d like all fans to have a great experience when it comes to rooting for the Mets, so I keep an eye out for things like obstructed views.  On quieter days I often blog about Mets heroes of the past.

Who is the blog primarily for?

Regular ol’ Mets fans like me who sit in the upper deck Promenade.

How frequently do you blog?

There is original content every day no less than three times a day.

Do you accept advertising?

Yes, I am openly a capitalist and would love a title sponsor for the blog.   I am not interested in gambling ads.   See our Media Kit for pricing options and site traffic statistics (as of 4/7/12)

Can I subscribe in a reader?


How about social media?

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Anybody else to contact or follow?

Media Goon is the deputy chief.  He’s mediagoon@gmail.com and @mediagoon on Twitter.

Both Shannon and Media Goon are card carrying members of the Internet Baseball Writers Association of America.