Cheap Parking Guide

An annual favorite post…remember, the Mets Police encourage you to re-invest your savings in the Metsconomy, preferably by picking up a nice blue Mets cap in the 47 shop at Citi Field.

I’m cheap.  I park in Corona.  It’s not scary and it’s not far.

Park somewhere in the one-teens as close to 34th avenue as you can.

This shot is from 114th street between 34th and Northern. Remember, the far side of Citi Field is 126th, so at the worst you’re walking 12 blocks and it’s more like nine.

At the end of 34th avenue look for this walkway.   The people on the opposite side are waiting for highway-speed traffic to clear.  You do have to hustle across an entrance ramp to the Grand Central but it’s not that scary.

Now that you’ve dashed across, you will find yourself on this walkway along the Whitestone Expressway. It’s loud, but that’s a nice high barrier so you are in no likely danger of being hit by a car.

To your right you can enjoy the beautiful wildflowers of Queens, or if the sanitation department is paying as much attention as they did in 2010 you will see discarded electronic remnants and broken shopping carts.

Keep walking, keep walking.

Keep walking, keep walking.

You can look down at the Grand Central Parkway.

From here you can follow your eyes.

The walkway ends and you will have to cross across an exit ramp (from the GCP to the Whitestone).  On the other side is the Citi Field parking lot.

The NYPD is often stationed at this point and will hold up traffic for you, otherwise you’ll have to play Freeway against highway speed traffic. Not so bad.

Now that you’ve made it safely walk down this sidewalk.  Again, you can see Citi Field so it’s not like you’ll get lost.

Parking has gone up since I took this photo, but take a minute to laugh about the people who paid $19 (I guess) while you got 7 blocks worth of exercise.

This is what their $18 got them in 2009.  After the game you’ll be over by the highway entrances and they’ll be fighting 20,000 other people to get out of the lot.

And you’ve made it!

If you can’t make it from here you need greater help than I can provide.