Mets Police Morning Laziness: Virusball wins the game

SLACKISH REACTION: Just like the Mets drew it up.  A 2 out rally started by The Virus, some home runs, and then Dom making an error in the bottom of the 9th.  Maybe instead of trying to play the right way Mickey should Costanza this and play the WRONG way.  I want the Virus in there tonight.  No Virus, no rally.

I didn’t like the game as it was like 3 and a half hours long.  i’ll take those 2:27 losses please.

How about Gare?  I broke down his 9th inning for you.

Holy cow….did SNY not read yesterday’s Morning Laziness when I told SNY I turned off the game because of Gelbs?  Did you hear this segment…

Ron, and you know Ron, was borderline openly hostile toward it, and Gary kinda back door ripped it too.

They don’t know what to do with the poor guy.  They are clearly making up segments – like the above – or last summer’s You Own This Mets Jersey ripoff.

SNY should use him like this…

…but as for in-game, The Gelbs segments need to end.  They need to end.  End them.

The red-hot Mets winners of two straight are just ten and one half games back!



Sterling or Scully: breaking down Gary Cohen’s 9th inning

The Mets were heading for a sure loss, when suddenly The Virus bunted for a hit! Then this happened…although its not a HR call….let’s listen

That was nice but then THIS…

What a great call! There you go Gare! I knew you still had it in those future HOF pipes.

But wait there’s more!

Oh Gare…it’s not that bad but off that Nimmo call why did you go back into Sterling mode. Very disappointing.

However, as I wish to reinforce good behavior…

Verdict: Scully


Much much thanks to Nick for the clips.

Sterling or Scully: Gary Cohen calls Conforto’s Home Run

Here’s an interesting one.  This call has very good enthusiasm.  And yet it ends with “…to the wall, it’s outta here” which is a lot like ending your call with “…it is far, it is gone” even if some of you can’t and won’t admit that it is.

We only have two options here. There’s no middle. It’s either Sterling or Scully….and while it’s a good call, it’s a good John Sterling call.

I understand the whole It’s Outta Here thing….it’s the “to the wall…” part before it that it suggesting the autopilotism of the calls.

Think I’m being harsh….here’s future Hall of Famer Gary Cohen calling a David Wright HR at the 3:26 mark.

What an exciting call. No catch phrases. Catches the moment.

As for the Conforto HR…

Verdict: Sterling

Mickey Watch Watch: Post compares Mickey Callaway to Ben McAdoo

The Mickey Watch Watch watches to see what others are saying about a possible Mickey Watch.

And both, almost in a flash, moved from that early magic to looking overmatched (at first) in the job and then, ultimately, overwhelmed. Their teams — both saddled with preseason expectations — quickly became not just bad but unwatchable, replete with head-scratching decisions and cliques of vast underachievement. And that was before either of them opened their mouths.

Source: Mickey Callaway becoming the Mets version of Ben McAdoo

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