You will want to see modern day Keith Hernandez in a 1986 Uniform RIGHT NOW


The lettering on the pre-2012 Mets jerseys was horrific

Last week, as part of Hypocrites Week (I wore black in support of the no longer boycotters  stop calling it that it was never a boycott even though they are now taking credit for the Mets starting hot with players they said were bad signings I digress.

Last week, as part of Hypocrites Week I busted out this black jersey.  I looked in the mirror.  Aside form all the other reasons that was a bad idea, yuck look at the color of the jersey, boy you really let yourself go this winter, what caught my eye was the tail on the M.

I mean yuck.  Look how long the tail is, and it’s not just because my fatness has the buttons popping.

Here’s a ike Pelfrey jersey I have in the images from August 2010

I mean look at the tailllllllll on the M.  WTF Charlie Samuels?

Fortunately in the Kierst era (all hail) the uniform look has been cleaned up and now we have a proper tail on the M.


Mets Police Morning Laziness: A rant in defense of Mickey Callaway

SLACKISH REACTION:  The Mets are 12-4.  Mickey Callaway is neither bad nor the God you made him out to be last week.  This is baseball.

I am NOT LINKING to “Mickey Callaway’s questionable move…” because…

Here’s why I get mad at you all (and by all I probably mean not actually YOU dear reader but all the yahoos on twitter and in the newspaper.)

Nothing can ever be normal around here.  You can’t just be a promising rookie you have to go straight to being THE NEXT SEAVER.  You can’t just be a new manager, even Howie Rose has to give him a HODGES MOMENT in February.  We can’t have good pitching we have THE BEST ROTATION EVER and FIVE ACES.

None of this earned.  We even refer to our one championship in the lat four decades as THE DYNASTY because the same guys kind of played OK two years later.

This time last week you guys were declaring Mickey God’s Gift to Hitting.  Now the team that you thought was going to win the division back when you were boycotting is actually playing tough.

If I had told you back during your boycott the Mets were going to win 12 of their first 16 you would have signed up for it in blood.  Now the Nationals spit on our shoes and you guys are ready to pack in the season.   Look man, there’s another baseball product in town, you should just switch to their brand.  Get outta here.

Also, while I have the floor, I have picked a lot of new readers who are engaging on Facebook and Twitter.   Let me be clear not every sentence is a dig at the Mets.  The stadium is surprisingly empty is fact.  The Mets not having any African Americans on the 25 man is fact.  It doesn’t mean the Mets are stupid or racist or that it isn’t cold.   Believe me you will know when I am digging at the Mets, you can ask them.

Ty Kelly would rename the 51’s to the Las Vegas Casino Chips

Casino Chips?  That’s not modern stupid enough.  As you know, all minor league baseball teams have been ordered by Trump to have two random words as their name.

Bicycle Foxes

Toilet Peguins

Rumble Ponies

Gangster Chickens

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