Mets Police Morning Laziness: JDG stomach bug and that’s it

As the slow death spiral of the 2017 season continues there is almost nothing to tell you about.  We already covered that Terry will retire at the end of the season (although nothing official yet) and I guess JDG being scratched is almost interesting but only almost.   Jason and I decided not to podcast today because there’s actually nothing to talk about.  Even in bad years there is usually something, but there really is nothing with the wasteland roster..

SLACKISH REACTION:   The Orville S1E3 was fantastic.  Very enjoyable.  I also attended a youth soccer game where the team I supported destroyed the opposition.

Whatever happened to Craig Brazell


Mets Police Morning Laziness: this is how 1977-1982 felt (plus netting thoughts)

Hey kids,

For the past decade or so when the Mets have been awful I would explain to you that YOU HAVE NO IDEA.  Even when the Mets sucked you still had big time for-real major leaguers like David Wright, Curtis Granderson, Jay Bruce or the stud pitchers.

This mess you have seen in September?  Aoki-ball?  Jose Reyes refusing to go away?  This is what the last 70s were like.  Some prospects and a bunch of nobodies and no hope on the horizon.  Now you have a taste.

SLACKISH REACTION: The Mets lost. Montero wasn’t Good Montero.  A Mets and Marlins weekday game.  Who cares really?  The Mets are off today so you can catch up on The Orville and Vietnam.

The Dark Knight Will Return: Sandy says, “It’s highly unlikely that we’re not going to bring him back next year,”

Ok on to netting.

I am not a monster.  I don’t want a toddler hurt by a foul ball or hurt by anything.  Netting is now a done deal. The court of opinion spoke loudly yesterday and it’s gonna happen.

From a fan standpoint, it decreases my interest in going.  Part of the fantasy of attending a game is enjoying the outdoors (and even in a dome like Phoenix you can still feel like you are outside because the roof is so high.)  You put a net between me and the game, I’m less interested in going – but I was barely interested in going anyway so whatever.

As for safety – what I really worry about – let’s be real here – are the stadium perimeters.  You all follow the news and you see some of the things that have happened.  I worry about that girl standing outside the rotunda for two hours because she wants to be one of the 15,000 who gets a bobblehead.  That’s what I worry about.

A bad incident happened yesterday.  None of us wanted it to happen.  Now baseball will make sure it never happens again.   Meanwhile, long lines at gates continue and alcohol will flow freely at the games.  We want you safe, because we want you back.

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