You Overproduced this TV broadcast: Matthew Broderick visits GKR on SNY


As promised, here is the debut of a new segment You Overproduced this TV Broadcast in which I will greatly increase my commentary about the sins of SNY broadcasts.  Yes I know GKR are awesome and all but….was anyone thinking “hey, I tuned in to watch the Mets play baseball, but what would be awesome is a Matthew Broderick interview.”

You guys need to stop overproducing the games. Just show the game. Just. Show. The. Game.


Mets Morning Laziness: ever notice how SNY segments got worse once Burkhardt left?

SLACKISH REACTION:  A quiet off-day as the beat doesn’t do anything now that Rubin is gone.  The rest of them will start working again today around 3 when they send us lineups.  The Dark Knight Returns Yet Again Honestly He Does tonight, and this time we’re told he has found the flaw in his delivery!

I will tread lightly here, but when I heard the Manchester news and then heard the word perimeter, it got me thinking about how the scanning at the gates isn’t enough.  I don’t have a solution and today isn’t the day to get into that, but I continue to feel that the wanding is a bit of Security Theater.

I’m still fired up about this Ripoff You Own This Mets Jersey Segment Gelbs is talking about –

I may have to greatly increase my commnentary on in-game television production and how certain in-game segments are not that good. I have been pulling that punch since Burkhardt left, but now I may choose not to and may go all in.

That’s all I have for you.  Quiet day in Queens.

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