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Interesting design on these Mets sweatshirts/hoodies

You kids like to call these things hoodies even though the proper parlance is sweatshirts.  Anyways, here’s an interesting yet unnecessary design.

FWIW if your last name is Murphy and you like the number 28 they will allow you to customize it that way.  Also available in the usual suspects of current players.

No thanks.

mets sweatshirts 2016

100 Random Cool Mets Things #11: Charge!

horse stock image

Somewhere along the way, I want to guess 1982 but it may have been earlier, the Mets upgraded their audio/video at Shea.  For years we had the awful one-letter-at-a-time message board on the big scoreboard, you probably remember that area as being a Bud sign, and in later years there was Diamondvision.

In-between, the Mets had a small rectangular display board on the left center pole, where the Diamondvision would eventually wind up.  It had the ability to quickly tell you things like some Met was hitting .235 with 6 HRs and 18RBI and not much else…but it was an upgrade.  We didn’t ask for much in those days.

Anyway, somewhere in there, and again I want to say it was 1982, the Mets introduced the Charge! sound effect.  You know the one, because they still use it.  If you listen closely the next time you’re at Citi, listen to how scratchy the charge effect sounds.  I’m sure it was digitized at some point, but in there is the original version they used when I was a young teen.  Love it.


100 Random Cool Mets Things #10: meet you at Gate E

shea bridge floor at citi field june 2013 addition


Ah good old Shea.  I don’t know what your meeting place was, but for me and my cronies it was Meet At Gate E.  Why Gate E?  Because it was the first gate off the subway, and of course you took the subway to Shea, and there was a big giant monolith with an E on top.  Even a newbie could figure it out.

Every now and then someone would make me meet them at Gate A, or I’d exit Gate A, and Gate A seemed like it was twenty miles from the subway.  As a fan I always headed to the Roosevelt Avenue side if I exited through gates B, C, D or E.  A was trickier – but that walk all the way around always took forever,  And I want to block out of my mind the awkwardness when Citi was being built out there.  Seems unnatural. Yuck.

Now everyone just meets at the rotunda, which is a rookie mistake anyway. At least meet by the one true Apple.

The sponsor logo on MLB caps looks terrible in-game

screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-6-01-04-pm I turned on the TeeVee last night and had apparently left it on FS1, thus I accidentally saw some baseball playoffs.

On the mound was Kershaw, and on Kershaw’s head a cap.  Kershaw was facing home and the camera gave me a side angle and all I could see was a big old ugly sponsor logo.

I happen to like the manufacturer of the caps, but hopefully someone at MLB un-does this at some point.  It’s really ugly on the side like that.

Load up on “vintage” merch fellas.  Between this, diaper jerseys, and the jersey news, we’re all going to miss our early 2010s Mets-wear.

Look what’s happening to MLB fan jerseys in 2020

jim very sad

First read, then my comments….

In what would mark a significant shake up in MLB’s licensing business, Fanatics and Under Armour have quietly completed a deal that will see them team to produce UA-branded on-field jerseys starting with the ’20 season. The deal would mean the end of MLB’s longtime licensing relationship

Source: Fanatics, Under Armour Team For MLB’s On-Field Jerseys Beginning With ’20 Season – SportsBusiness Daily | SportsBusiness Journal | SportsBusiness Daily Global


I really liked the Majestic Product, except for the diaper jerseys.  I get where Majestic was coming from with the diapers, but they were horrible as civilian wear and I hope(d) that Majestic would add a tier between replica (which for the Mets does not include a front number) and diaper.  Call it the “what used to be authentic until 2016” tier.  There has also been some ridiculous price creep, with $330 jerseys not being so shocking these days.

As for Fanatics….hey look Fanatics, I’d love to be friends. I hope your deal with UA is a good one for all.  However, since Fanatics took over the MLB Shop I’ve personally noticed more slow deliveries and canceled orders on uni-corns (thinks like throwbacks) than under the old regime.  That makes me worried.

Under Armor.  Hey, I like you guys.  I’d be thrilled to be the Under Armor Mets Police (call my agent), but the middleman has me concerned.  I shall hope for the best.

100 Random Cool Mets Things #9: Tim McCarver


You kids only remember late period Tim McCarver from his Fox days.  In the 1980’s Tim was a breath of fresh air.  What you like about Ron and Keith now, Tim embodied.  He brought insight to the game that we hadn’t heard before, and he was able to coax good stories out of a Ralph Kiner who had become, candidly, kind of buffoonish there for a while.  (I’ll praise Ralph in a later installment, and Ralph had at least two late renaissance periods, but early 1980s Ralph was not best Ralph).

Tim taught us all that you never want to make the first out nor the third out at third base, and that there was a good chance that the person who made a spectacular defensive play would lead off the next inning, at least 1/9th of the time.


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