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11 Reasons to come to the Queens Baseball Convention on January 28th

If for some reason you aren’t already planning on being at the 2017 Queens Baseball Convention in two weeks, here’s 10 reasons I came up with while eating a donut.  Ready….

1.  Bobby V!  No disguise!

2. Tim Teufel.  Maybe we should all do the Teufel Shuffle as a group.  Make it so.

3.  This guy!

4.  You could win this bobblehead

5.   Hang with your fellow fans!

6.  The Gil Hodges Award

Greg Prince and Art Shamsky with Gil Hodges Jr. at QBC14


7.  Michael Baron!

8.  You want the Mets to have a Fan Fest?   Well Mets executives will be at this thing (as part of the Meet The Mets Executives panel I am moderating).  So seriously, come support this.  We’re just looking to break even, so that’s why we charge you for tickets and stuff – but show up.  Show the Mets we need a version of this at Citi Field with even more players and bigness.  Show up!

9.  Paul Lukas’ Uni Watch Panel!

10.  Matt Cerrone!

11.  Winter sucks.  You need a Mets fix to get you to Spring Training.

MHN: Mets have Matt Harvey Garden Gnome on the promo calendar!

Good news everyone! Mets Police has noticed that the Mets have Matt Harvey Garden Gnome listed as a giveaway item.

As you can see no image is available yet.

What do you think the gnome will look like? Shirtless? Tickling someone?

Stay tuned to Matt Harvey News for information as it comes in.

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