ICYMI Uni Watch’s awesome article on Mets usher uniforms

Hey kids,

Hopefully you know to hit up Uni Watch every day, but in the event you don’t, you missed one hell of an article on Wednesday.  Check out how awesome the Mets usher (and usherette, is that a term? Did I make that up?  Am I a sexist jerk?  Oh wait, no the Times used it, whew) uniforms from the mid 60’s were.  Seriously GO LOOK NOW.

And I know it will never happen, but as it is the little things that can make an experience better, what if the Mets brought this look back?  It’s way more attractive than a security guy in a Phillies Red shirt, no?

Anyway – super awesome link.  Go check it out.


Mets want you to know they invited TIM TEBOW and 8 other guys to Spring Training

Let me publish this before Fat Tony shuts my blog down.


FLUSHING, N.Y., January 19, 2018 – The New York Mets today announced that the club has invited nine players to major league Spring Training including: first baseman Peter Alonso, LHP P.J. Conlon, outfielder Kevin Kaczmarski, catcher Patrick Mazeika, RHP Drew Smith, RHP Corey Taylor, outfielder Tim Tebow, infielder David Thompson and RHP Adonis Uceta.


The Mets have previously invited outfielder Zach Borenstein, infielder Phil Evans, catcher José Lobatón and LHP Matt Purke to major league camp.



The lost Mets Police Posts #5: Let’s throw some names around for the Mets Hall of Fame

As we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Mets Police, I thought it would be fun to go back and dust off some “Unscheduled Draft” posts. Behind the scenes if you write a post and don’t publish it, it saves as a draft. And there seem to be a ton of them. Some complete, some incomplete. Let’s have a fun stroll through the blog Outtakes.

Here’s one from December of 2017.  Note the original post did not have any images…


The Mets Hall of Fame hasn’t added anyone since 2013.  Let’s throw some names around…


Um, that’s as far as I got.  hahaha.  But I like the topic, so let’s do it.

How about…

Ron Darling. 86 Met, good citizen, long time broadcaster and a good one.

Gary Cohen.  30 years a Mets broadcaster now.  I mean, come on.  Hall.

Howie Rose.  Also 30 years between Mets Extra, radio and being stuck in a TV booth with Fran Healy and Jar Jar Binks.

Juan Alicea.  I don’t have an image, but been calling Mets games in Spanish since 1982.

I thought about Edgardo Alfonzo.  I’m not sure I’m ready yet.  Eventually I think.  I know that makes no sense.

Who would you put in?

Mets Police Morning Laziness: now who will cover the Mets?

So I got a note from SOURCE last night who opened my eyes to THING.  Once SOURCE told me where to look it was all very very obvious.  AND it’s right there if you can connect the dots.


SLACKISH REACTION:   Pirates fans are starting a petition to get their owners to sell the team.  I’d like to point out how foolish they are but I can’t fight a two front war.

Fat Tony is pleased.  No more Rubin, no more Francesa, and now Marc Carig has accepted an offer he can’t refuse.

I guess now we know why  Carig suddenly got feistier with Mets ownership – he’s reportedly leaving the Mets beat and signing with The Athletic to cover the Yankees.   One wonders if the Athletic will also sign someone to cover the Mets and who that would be.

I am rooting for the Athletic, but as we saw the other day an exclusive only lasts for ten seconds in the age of twitter.  That being said, if someone like Rubin wanted a few bucks for a Morning Briefing I would be all over it – AND then I wouldn’t have to write this disaster of an article every morning.

Anyway, I may decide to spend the $3 and subscribe to the Athletic.   I spend more than that at the Donuts Chain every day so I guess I could pay A SECRET METS BEAT REPORTER PERSON $3 a month.  Maybe.

The Walrus was Paul.

The Mets announced the 2018 Free Shirt Friday designs including the gem above.   Here’s the full set.

Don’t read this article about 126th Street development so you can be surprised down the road.

From 1995: The Citi Dome is discussed

The Queens Baseball Convention is tomorrow.  It is sold out.  If you don’t have tickets don’t make the trip.  Should be a fun day.

NOT LINKING: boring articles about Adrian Gonzales because he spoke to the press and we need to write something. One of the guys at the Amazing Apple Insiderized Mets Blog Report wants baseball’s pace of play left alone which of course is an incorrect take as bad as Christie blocking the Arc tunnel.

Willets Point still a big question mark – Queens Chronicle

Hey just wanted to post this so you can all ignore it since it’s not about some random guy on the Pirates you want the Mets to get.  Then years from now when this comes up and only @mediagoon and I were paying attention back in 2018 I will send you this link.

Anyway, interesting take suggesting DiBlasio is into the current vision, some thoughts about whether or not affordable housing will ever happen (ooo ooo pick on me Mr. Kotter ooo ooo) and maybe the city should let someone else develop the thing.

Seven months have gone by since the state’s highest court shot down the proposed Willets West mega-mall.The Queens Development Group, a joint venture of the Related Companies and the Mets’ owners-controlled firm Sterling Equities, was contracted by the city to realize the Willets Point redevelopment. And because the firm had argued that it needed to build the mall to make the revitalization plan financially feasible, the judicial decision threw the Iron Triangle’s future in the air.

Source: Willets Point still a big question mark – Queens Chronicle: Queenswide

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