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King of Piazza: Hall of Fame edition

A few years back we played King of Piazza.  Here’s the deal.  If you’re the biggest Mike Piazza fan….PROVE IT.

Here’s what you’re up against.  And the below didn’t even win!

King of Piazza semi finals


So if you think you are KING OF PIAZZA: HALL OF FAME EDITION you can email me at or hit me up on twitter @metspolice with hashtag #kingofpiazza



Mets probably possibly I think are wearing 1986 ROAD Throwback jerseys on Wednesday

OK unconfirmed but….

The Texas Rangers just tweeted they are wearing 1986 throwbacks tomorrow.  Some sort of random throwback to 30 years ago I don’t understand.

Wayne Randazzo tweeted he heard about it maybe happening (tweeted a few days ago).

Marc Carig tweeted about it.

Uni Watch mentioned someone saying they heard someone mentioning it.  (Something like that.)

I still don’t know WHY or why this seems to be a semi-secret.  Will update as I know more.

They should look like this….gray, racing stripes, Mets (not New York as you younglings might expect, nope just Mets), and no pins.    Like below, but in color. NY Daily News 1986 NLCS Gm2 Back 1986 World Series Daily News Back

Should the Mets….sell?

Interesting discussion last night and again today on Twitter. Should the Mets sell?

familia 2016 all star

I snapped around the 6th inning last night and realized I was bored out of my mind for the 3rd time in 4 games, the lone exception being Sunday which was a tidy 2:25 and I listened on the MLB App (which by the way still had bad levels just not ear busting bad levels so I will take it.)

The Mets look dead. I know they are 1 game out and they are always a three game winning streak away from looking like the best team in the league, but they look dead.

They looked dead this time last year too. Then Sandy tried to trade for what looks like would have been a bust. Then Yo carried the Mets for 6 weeks and Murph for the next three.

Is another Yo coming? I hope so. What position would his fellow play?

Were the Mets to sell in 10 days what would they sell? Familia? Would someone rent Walker? Granderson? (I have no idea what Granderson’s contract looks like, if you want real analysis go somewhere else.)

I’m not advocating selling or buying. The right move is probably hold and hope.

What would you do?

Do you think the Mets are dying in the water despite the Wild Card standings?

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I watched the Mike Piazza special and I thought…..

I spent some time with whatever the MLB Network documentary about Piazza is called and enjoyed it. It’s definitely worth a watch, especially if you are Generation Piazza.

piazza back

Random thoughts (as usual):

I’ve said many times on here that I feel nothing about “the Piazza home run.” I still don’t, and I didn’t as I watched it. However, it was new to me, maybe because I’m dense, that for some of the families it was the first time they were able to enjoy a moment in ten days. So that was insightful for me, and maybe that’s how y’all have felt all along.

The black uniforms were terrible and still look terrible.

Mike comes across as very likable.

I’m still not sure why they didn’t play him 40 games at first in spring training.

Trading for Piazza in his free agent walk year when you already had Hundley and had to mess with Hundley was kind of nutty. One thing to grab a HOFer, another to rent one at a position you’re already set.

Hundley has become a non-person. He was super popular in Queens for a few years. He’s never mentioned now.

Good show. Watch it.

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