Pete Flynn, Shea’s groundskeeper has died

Sad news that we’ve lost a good one.

Back in my vendor days Pete was always friendly to us kids (unlike the jerky ushers).  I remember chatting with Pete about the movable stands at Shea – if I recall correctly he was not a fan.

There’s a video about Pete on  I would embed it but baseball’s entire business is based upon page clicks for this Pete Flynn video, so I can’t embed it.

You may also enjoy this profile piece.

(Wrote this last night but didn’t see any official word before I had to go out for the evening.)



Wrap JDG in bubble wrap: Now Wheeler’s on the Mets’ DL

Holy cow.


FLUSHING, N.Y., June 21, 2017 – The New York Mets announced today that they have recalled RHP Tyler Pill and RHP Erik Goeddel from Las Vegas (AAA) of the Pacific Coast League, placed RHP Zack Wheeler on the 10-Day Disabled List, retroactive to June 20, with biceps tendinitis and optioned infielder Matt Reynolds to Las Vegas.

Mets & Star Wars Podcast 71: Let’s Go Mets and Let’s Go Han Solo

This week on your favorite podcast about the Star Wars and the New York Mets, Jason & I catch up on silly Star Wars rumors and the silly Mets season.  Subscribe via Apple Podcasts or listen below!


00:00 Greetings
03:00 HyperSpace Mountain???
07:00 is Ahsoka a Giant Wolf?
11:00 is Palpatine Rey’s grandfather?
14:00 Stealing from Sansweet
19:00 Han Solo movie directors depart
25:00 I want to kill the guy with the lawnmower



29:00 Jay Bruce says the Mets to get their act together
35:00 Matt Harvey
36:45 Extended netting coming to Citi Field
40:00 Verducci article about baseball being boring
44:00 Baseball has 25 year eras…time to close out 1995-2020?

MUST READ -> MLB: Home runs and strikeouts are up, and it’s a problem |

Hey look, it’s yet another topic that I brought up and you guys said I was a cranky old man…but now that Tom Verducci writes it you will all take it seriously.    Good stuff here about how HRs and Ks create a lack of action, games are way too long, horrible managers that go nuts with bullpens….

The quaint interludes between balls regularly put in play have become yawning gaps of nothingness. Major League Baseball is concerned how the trends of more velocity, more relief pitchers and more all-or-nothing hitters are slowing the game. While the game prospers economically, baseball officials worry about where the sport is headed. They fret over internal polls that show they risk losing the next generation of fans as the pace of action slows in a technology-driven world that offers more diversions at a

Source: MLB: Home runs and strikeouts are up, and it’s a problem |

Mets Police Morning Laziness: Pill Day, Summer here, Season over

SLACKISH REACTION:   I’m telling you, my plan of No Baseball After 10pm and No Saturday Night (and Sunday Night) Baseball is life changing.  You get your life back.  Tonight is Pill Day.  Go to bed and wake up and see how he did.  Why chase this until 1am?   Anyway, the Mets lost 12-0.

I’m reading that the Mets starters are underperforming.  I don’t want to be mean but other teams usually swap pitching coaches when that happens.

The home run numbers this season are very suspicious.   Very suspicious.

The Newspaper got me to click on this snazzy headline! “Mets are going to mess with Jose Reyes while he’s hot!”   But now I’m mad I clicked it because it’s just that Cabrera is getting his SS job back.  So NOT LINKING.  I just summarized it for you.   The other newspaper also has Generic Jose Reyes Article about how he is getting older.  Not linking.

I feel bad for all the long suffering Mets fans who have watched and stood by this team since August 2015.  This must be a rough season to watch.  Aaron Judge jerseys are on sale if you need an out.

Happy Pill Day!!!

The Mets did not provide an image with the press release.
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