Super cool Noah Syndergaard designed Mets cap

This is really cool.  Caps should not be $35 though.   Why I like it is because it has a touch of “in the know” to it, meaning if you wore it in Oakland nobody would know what it meant…but if I ran into you in Oakland I would give you The Nod.  Why are we in Oakland in this fantasy?


MLB Shop Mets Photoshop guy….not his best work

I got an email from The Shop suggesting I buy Local Themed Stuff.   And I saw some examples like this…

Wow those are fun.  The Mets version is probably something cool like a Thor something or maybe Bat something or Gotham or Lame Laza or something.

We got this.

OK great.  Amazin’   Yay.   Been there done that.  And look at the crappy photoshop job.  Does this sweatshirt even exist or is there a guy at the factory who will make one if someone buys it.   Terrible.

Mets Police Morning Laziness: Subway Series, transfer here for the August 2015 fans

SLACKISH REACTION:  You know, the weather was what I call “All Star” yesterday and I couldn’t be bothered to put on the lousy radio/App audio so I kind of followed the game on twitter.   Seems like it was boring.

The Subway Series begins tonight so expect the wider MSM to come in and LOLMets and fawn over Judge and not know who Conforto is.

The Subway Series brings out the worst in both fanbases.   Cut back on the beer consumption and remember it’s just guys in shirts that say New York and that Curtis Granderson used to be one of “them” and it’s just a baseball game.

Anyway, we will get a good luck at how many of us Second Class Mets Fans are still here (we know the 650 True Mets Fans are still around) and how many have switched back to the Bronx.

ICYMI, Lucas Duda saw one of the True Real Mets Fans in Tampa and gave him a baseball.

Neil Walker thanked all Mets fans in a tweet.   Thanks Neil!

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