Let’s see – he hasn’t thrown, can’t feel legs, sore back….let’s help the Daily News!

The Daily news has questions about David Wright.   The Daily News also seems to thing all you do at first base is stand still and hold out your glove.  Anyone remember a pretty good baseball player named Don Mattingly who had health issues?

Again, and I can’t say this enough times, I am not here to be mean to David, I only want the best for David, I want David to live a long healthy life.

That being said, when we talk baseball – what possibly makes you think playing David at first is a better solution than playing Duda or even a Loney-type over there in 2017?

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Mets to play at West Point on March 31

We all kind of knew this, but here’s the official Army release on this.  Sounds like a super-awesome way to spend a Friday night.  I’m gonna see if the T-Shirt guy wants to get an outing together.  Anyone got plans that day?

Slow news day today.  Where’s Rubin when we need him?

Army West Point baseball will renew its longstanding historic tradition by hosting the New York Mets in an exhibition game this March.

Source: Army Welcomes New York Mets for Exhibition

OK Mets, time to drop this. Why is Mr. Met a smack talker suddenly?

Hi Mets.  Long time observer.

I get we all like social media and LIKES and stuff but I don’t get it.  I get it from Syndergaard’s end but I don’t get it from your end.

Mr. Met makes Your Mom jokes now?

Our beloved mascot who was traditionally silent before starting a twitter account suddenly has a feud with a Mets player?

I screen grabbed this one in case it disappears from the internet.


I get the fun and giggles but take a step back and ponder:  what exactly are you doing?

Search your feelings you know it to be true (David Wright)

As I have said on the blog and on the podcast multiple times there is the emotion of me wanting David Wright to be healthy in general so he can live a long happy healthy life, and secondarily as a baseball player so he can run off three MVPs leading the Mets to championships and all things good in baseball…..

….however, search your feelings…..

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