New Citi Field Pics On Twitter

Matt Cerrone from Mets Blog has been posting pics of C-Field on Twitter all morning.  I’m sure he’ll post them over there when he gets home.

You can see them here:

I also invite you to follow Mets Police at


Hey Nets, Go To Newark

It’s time for the New Jersey Nets to give up on the Brooklyn pipe dream.

Let’s play this out.

Who is going to go to Nets games in Brooklyn?

People in Queens?   Are they going to jump on the BQE in rush hour?   Take a subway all the way into Manhattan and back out to Brooklyn?  Not happening.

Long Islanders?  Let’s hop on the railroad and hit the Atlantic Yards?  I get that it would be an easy trip but I don’t see it.   Do I catch the 10:15 home and change at Jamaica?  Too much effort for an NBA game.

The Manhattan work crowd?   Let’s head out to Brooklyn and then after the game back into Manhattan for the bus/train/whatever?   Arguably the same as hitting a baseball game but that’s baseball and these are the Nets.

Legacy Nets fans from NJ?  Good luck getting someone to cross two rivers.

It’s time for the Nets to join the Devils in Newark.  Sell some $5 seats and try to draw from the local community.   Despite the hype that the arena is right by the train line, the best way to get there is by car – and folks in NJ, especially from the west not south, are not taking NJ Transit there.    You drive and park pretty easily.

The Meadowlands is awful now.  The failed Xanadu has made the spot uglier than ever, and the stadium construction has made it annoying.

The architect of the non-existent Atlantic Yards is saying that it’s never going to happen.   The Nets of course are refuting that.

A $4.2 billion dollar project, for an arena with a financial institution on the nameplate?   Not in 2009 folks.  Head to Newark and start marketing.

Mets Selling Opening "Day" Ticket Packs (By Day they mean Night)

Hey you know that 15 game pack you (I) bought because you really wanted to go to Opening Night (more on that later today)…well….psyche….you panicked.  The Mets now offer Opening Day Packs.  Sorry suckers (like me).

By the way, when the Mets say Opening Day they define Day as a few minutes after sunset, in April.

Remember when we used to get livid about tickets being bundled with games you don’t want?  They’ve really worn all of us down on that one, huh?

In addition to a ticket to Opening Day at Citi Field, the Citi Field Opener Pack provides fans the opportunity to select four games from the other 11 April home games and all 10 Monday-Friday May home games, including the Philadelphia Phillies’ first visit to Citi Field (May 6-7), subject to availability.
Opening Day 2009

  • Includes:
    Opening Day at Citi Field (April 13 vs. the San Diego Padres) plus your choice of four other select games in April and May.

New Yankee Stadium Propoganda Video

Originally the title of this post was “Cool Yankee Stadium Video” – but then I actually watched it.  Something about Lonn Trost makes me breathe fire.

I’m sorry Yankees fans.  This stadium looks so unncessary.  All you did was build a clone of a perfectly fine stadium across the street.  If the Red Sox can build seats above the

What’s the “secret exhibit” that Trost won’t talk about “at this point.”  He makes it sound like a state secret.  It must be the Joe Torre exhibit.

I like how he tries to tell you how cool it is that people can watch the game from 500 feet away with some sort of justification of that’s how people play and watch baseball.   What?

Touring the new Yankee Stadium with Lonn Trost

I expect within two weeks the seats will come out,” Trost said Tuesday while leading a tour of the new stadium. “Everything but our furniture, equipment and the sod is still there.” 

The stadium parking lots — with the possible exception of the lot along Ruppert Plaza — will be ready for Opening Day but probably not the Cubs games, Trost said. Metro North service to the stadium will start in May, around the third or fourth homestand, he added.

I really want to like this building, and look forward to going on April 4th but I dunno dog, I’m just not feeling it.  Read more in The Ledger.

A Magic Summer

Maybe I’ve been living under a rock, but this book I never knew about just hit Clark Kent’s desk.  Looks cool and looks like it’s been around 40 years.    “A Magic Summer”   Who knew?

They were the “Miracle Mets,” winning a championship after a short ignominious history of catastrophic los-ing seasons. Here is the story of that most famous New York Mets season, 1969. Author Stanley Cohen inter-viewed key members of that championship team—Tom Seaver, Nolan Ryan, Jerry Koosman, Tommie Agee, Bud Harrelson, Tug McGraw, and others—providing fascinat-ing updates and insights. Complete with a new intro-duction by the author and photographs not included in previous editions, this 40th Anniversary Edition is a unique celebration of a season that Mets fans will never forget.


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