Did the Mets ticket severs crap out?

Did the Mets servers struggle due to high demand this morning?
My personal experience is that I got tix for Friday (after a 6 minute wait), then went back in for Saturday and got those too.
Some folks on the Mets message boards are telling of expereinces very similar to the recent Springsteen sales.
I don’t think anything nefarious happened, I think a lot of people wanted tickets.
Here’s at least three threads for you:


The Mets Charge a $5 Fee on $6 Tickets

It took me 6 minutes to get through.  I ordered my $6 seats for Friday.  I am admittedly cheap.
They charged a $5 order fee.
So my $12 in tickets cost $21.  That’s a 75% markup isn’t it?
Does it cost $5 for the computer to take my order?  Do the Mets use designer envelopes?

Big Demand On Sox Tix?

I jumped online at 9:59.  Server is cycling through 60 second “server unavailable” messages.
If St. John’s sold out in 45 minutes the demans must be high on these and the April-May presale.

Don’t Keep It Gangsta

Mets Blog was talking about the possibility of a song called “Keepin It Gangsta” being used as a theme song for the ’09ers.

While I enjoy the whole gangsta thing and kinda hope Jerry stabs someone for not running out a grounder, one of my suggested New Traditions For A New Mets Stadium is that they take the field to Meet the Mets.  Not some new cheesy version (like the 80’s remix that WFAN likes) – the real traditional one from the old old days.

People like nostalgia right – or does that only apply to obsessing over a baseball team that split town over 50 years ago?

(and bring back the Curly Shuffle!!!)


SULLY BASEBALL: Think Big! with the 1987 Mets

Wow I don’t even know what to say about this one.  Sully Baseball sent me a link with a great post about 1987’s “Think Big” campaign that…

a)  I apparently blocked out over either horror or post WS euphoria
b)  proves the Strawberry Mets did do a lot of drugs
c)  makes me wish I had a time machine because 1987 needs some Mets Police.

I can’t describe what you’re about to see unless you visit Sully…trust me it’s worth it…

SULLY BASEBALL: Think Big! with the 1987 Mets – the 1980s were a different time

…but here’s a teaser of what Sully wrote.

The actor playing the scientist I guess was told to over compensate for Mookie Wilson, Gary Carter and Roger McDowell’s lack of acting ability. Eddie Deezen would tell this guy to “Bring it back.”

– Why is there a computer on the on deck circle?

– That whole opening scene was a build up for an air guitar sequence? And why air guitaring with baseball bats?

– I bet they shot about 30 minutes of improvisation with dancing and air guitaring with baseball bats. That poor poor editor.


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