Did The Yankees Not Want A-Rod At Yankee Stadium Opening Day?

Let me take you to the mirror universe for a second.
Derek Jeter has injured his hip and is rehabbing in Florida.   On the day the new stadium he opens, he decides to stay in Tampa to continue his workout.  
Can you imagine that?
How about Don Mattingly missing the opening of the Mirror Universe New Stadium in 1994 with a bad back.
Nope I can’t imagine that either.
A-Rod is going to be on this team for nine more seasons.   Today was kind of a big day, even for the Yankees.  
He couldn’t hitch a ride with George Steinbrenner and show up and wave?  There’s no place in a $1.6 billion stadium to get some rehab in?  There’s nowhere in New York City to get rehab done for a day?
Maybe the Yankees didn’t want him there.  Today is about Yogi Berra, tradition and the 26 championships.   Maybe the Yankees didn’t want the steroid cirucs.
Or is A-rod just that stupid and didn’t think to come.
Sure is odd that he wasn’t there, wasn’t it?  Nine more years Yankees fans.  Nine more years.

UPDATE:  Kay said A-Rod took batting practice in Tampa today.  I guess there was no way to do that in New York.


Unknown Mets Pitcher Appears In Yahoo Boxscore

From Rising Apple

In an interesting development, the Yahoo Sports website refused to acknowledge Mets relief pitcher Bobby Parnell’s participation in Wednesday evening’s game vs. the San Diego Padres.


Times Reporting From The New Yankee Stadium

Published: April 16, 2009
This is why those exhibition games in early April can’t replace a real grand opening. It’s an hour and a half before game time, and the new Yankee Stadium is dazzling.
Some new aesthetic touches make a big difference, especially the retired numbers displayed on a previously blank wall above the left field bleachers, and the championship seasons listed on a similar space above the bleachers in right. There’s also a flag for each major league team – including National League clubs, for the first time – ringing the top of the stadium, giving it a splash of color. There’s yellow for the Pirates, green for the A’s, purple for the Rockies. They look like candles on top of a white birthday cake.

The line to enter Monument Park snakes far behind the bleachers and up several flights of stairs. It’s like the security line at Laguardia on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, but nobody seemed to mind.

One thing you notice right away is the classic collection of photographs, several for each of the 26 title teams, drawing your eyes above the concession stands. In the very last photo we see Joe Torre, holding the 2000 trophy with the principal owner George Steinbrenner and then-Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani. (It seems like a long time since Torre managed the Yankees, doesn’t it?)


Daily News Figures Out Yankee Stadium Not Great

And so it begins…

Filip Bondy in the News

There’s a lot wrong with the new Yankee Stadium and with Section 203 – starting with the fact that it’s not Section 39 across the street. Here are a few of the many complaints collected after the two exhibitions leading up to today’s opener:

It’s too gray out there.

It’s too cold out there.

There are no painted lines separating the seats on the benches.

The sightlines from Section 203 are closer to being what they were from Section 41 at the old stadium, than from Section 39. 

“The potted plants have got to go, the bathroom and beer lines seem as long as ever,” Sheriff Tom comments. “I defended a new stadium all along, but to me they bungled it.”

Perhaps most worrisome are those crowded entryways, which serve far too many fans from several sections milling about or moving from the concessions to their seats. This is the one problem that goes well beyond conventional whining and demands immediate club intervention.

“If there’s a fire, you’d need a chainsaw to get out of there,” Donahue says.  

Remember folks.  The complaining is after two exhibition games, and today will be all fat-cats.  Wait until the “real fans” start attending games.

Read the rest here.

More reviews and obstructed seats here.

And always keep an eye on New Stadium Insider.


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