New Yankee Stadium

Calm down, it’s a slow day and this is a cool video of Keith Olbermann touring New Yankee Stadium.


Wilpon’s Dodgers Lose To Crosstown Rivals

Brad Penny didn’t have his best stuff as Fred Wilpon’s Brooklyn Dodgers lost to the crosstown Manhattan Mets 12-1.

The Wilpon family has owned the Dodgers since the 1940’s, and this marks their 50th and final season at Shea Stadium before they move into the new Citi Field which will honor the history of the Dodgers and the great Jackie Robinson.

Wilpon was sad that the Dodgers lost to the team from the Polo Grounds but was consoled that Dem Bums took two of three.

After the game someone tried to tell Wilpon that the Dodgers skipped town 50 years ago and the Mets have their own history (and that Jackie Robinson never played for the Mets) but he would have none of it.

Let’s Blame Willie For Long Games Too!

Quiet day. In Newsday today…
And if it feels like the Yankees, Red Sox and Mets play the longest games of all … you’re not imagining things. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, the Red Sox are the biggest offenders, at 3:08. Then come the Yankees, at 3:06. And the Mets top the National League at 3:01.

The Red Sox and Yankees both field lineups that emphasize selectivity at the plate. The Mets? I guess the lack of long outings by the starting pitcher leads to multiple pitching changes by Willie Randolph.

Reds Series Preview

Continuing with our theme of Santana & Maine and pray for rain…..we’ll get Rain on Friday which is good (instead of Pelfrey), Pelfrey and Santana for Saturday’s doubleheader so that’s a split, and Perez vs Johnny Cueto on Sunday – Perez is due for a great game….so the Mets Police predict the Mets take two of three, and the Reds lose their heads (see below)

>As We've Been Saying


Let’s see: Santana, Maine or rain: Maine, check.

Uniform Check: Hideous cursed black uniforms are in the suitcases. Check.

Result: Mets lead 12-0 at 5pm ET.

Next Game: Pelfrey vs Anyone. uh oh.

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