>Sliding Into Home: A Yankees Blog: Hank Optimistic About His Struggling Yanks

Good stuff from these guys today! Seems like Hank is calm before the game. Let’s hope the rain stops.

Sliding Into Home: A Yankees Blog: Hank Optimistic About His Struggling Yanks


>Trade Rays for Yankees?

I’m sure not many of you read the St. Pete Times – but here’s a great question? Would you rather have the Rays roster and future or the Yankees?

Think of the audacity of the question. Throughout the entire history of history, such a question would have deserved only two answers: One: pointing. Two: laughing. That a person would even think seriously before answering says a great deal about the direction of both franchises.

At this point, the Rays are better.

Now, I don’t mean they are a better bargain than the Yankees, although that is certainly true. I don’t mean they happen to be ahead in the standings for the time being.

I mean they are better. Younger. Faster. Hungrier. They play the game so much harder that even Steinbrenner-the-sequel, the same guy who recently acted as if the Rays were kids who didn’t appreciate their allowance, couldn’t keep quiet about the embarrassment. You get the feeling Hanky the Yankee is ready to bowl over a Yankees catcher himself.

In other words, yeah, these Rays ought to finish ahead of these Yankees.

Check it out:

>Willie Watch ESPN

Buster Olney on ESPN is apparently unfamiliar with former Orioles manager Lee Mazzili, who is from Brooklyn just like the Dodgers who Fred Wilpon wishes he owned.

I think I’m done with Willie Watches for a few days – there’s just too many to keep up with.

One for the road – here’s Buster in excerpt…click the “Willie Watch ESPN” line for the full thing.

They are a team on the edge, a team seemingly without an edge, and in this spring after the Mets conducted arguably the worst collapse in baseball history, Willie Randolph is managing for his job.

There is one pertinent question to all of this: If not Randolph as manager, then who?

Buster doesn’t know the answer….but it’s looking you in the face.

>No Hockey!

> Newsday reports that it looks like there won’t be a hockey game at Yankee Stadium. That was an awful horrible idea. The last game at the Stadium should be a Yankee game – hopefully game four of the World Series, a loss to the Mets.


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