R.I.P. Luz Portobanco (1979 – 2008)

I’m a little late on reporting on this but sad news came earlier this month when it was reported that former Mets minor league pitcher Luz Portobanco was killed in a car accident in his native Nicaragua. he was 28.

I remember Luz when he pitched for the Brooklyn Cyclones in 2001 – he was the starting pitcher for the first ever Cyclones game against Jamestown. Considering the weight of history that moment had, Luz handled it very well. He was one of the leaders of that team, both on and off the field.
My fondest memory of Luz was in September of that year. The Cyclones had just beaten the Staten Island Yankees in the first round and were set to move on to play Williamsport in the Championship series. The ChaCha Slide was all the rage that year and Luz was with his teammates on the field dancing the steps for the crowd (#24 in the picture). It was fun, raucous, and joyful – and seeing Luz and the other players enjoy it so much just increased our enjoyment.

Two days later the towers fell.

That one night at Keyspan will always represent the last moment of pure innocence to me and Luz dancing on the field will be the image I prefer to remember from those days.

You Are A Big Green Monster

The Red Sox are hiring someone to be Wally.

Represent the Boston Red Sox as Wally at select community and corporate events; always conducting him or herself in a professional manner during appearances.  Must be available in a part time hourly role on weekdays, weeknights, weekends and holidays.  Must have reliable transportation.

Minimum of one year experience as a sports mascot, theme park character or actor.  Must have general knowledge of baseball and the Boston Red Sox.  Ability to interact with and entertain a crowd.  Must be able to withstand high heat in costume and be able to lift 50 pounds.

Apply now!

Link: Stadium Statues

Good piece here about the proliferation of statues going up outside new stadiums.

Frank White outside KC’s stadium?

Harold Baines outside NotComiskey?

The Steve Garvey Rotunda in Flushing?

I am rescinding my previous request for a Seaver statue at Citi Field.  Let him have one in his beloved vineyard.   We’ve broken up with you Former Franchise.

Let there be a statue of The Captain, Keith Hernandez – right in front of the Sandy Koufax Rotunda.

And where’s my Mel Ott statue?!

Everyone Remain Calm!!!!!

Every other blog will have the psycho post about the bullpen and the end of days and the Apocalypse.


Bad loss, yes.

The closer was unavailable. The bullpen blew a lead. It happens.

Yes it would have been cool to be a game up.

The knuckleheads who booed – uncool. You could boo Willie’s team, but Jerry and the Gangstas have played their heart out.

The SS is a knucklehead.

If you haven’t been paying attention since September 2007, the Phillies aren’t going to roll over and die. If you don’t realize this, go buy a Randolph jersey.

Remain calm. One back. A month ago you would have been thrilled to be one back.

Why I Say He’s OverReyes

Did you see the play in the 9th? Jose needs to know what to do when it’s hit to him.

He may be a nice player, but he’s destined to Cylon the Mets in the 9th inning of Game 7.

There’s some talent in there, but sometimes the mind wanders like my puppy.

Some day when they need him most – he’ll get picked off third in the bottom of the 9th.

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