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Buster Olney on ESPN is apparently unfamiliar with former Orioles manager Lee Mazzili, who is from Brooklyn just like the Dodgers who Fred Wilpon wishes he owned.

I think I’m done with Willie Watches for a few days – there’s just too many to keep up with.

One for the road – here’s Buster in excerpt…click the “Willie Watch ESPN” line for the full thing.

They are a team on the edge, a team seemingly without an edge, and in this spring after the Mets conducted arguably the worst collapse in baseball history, Willie Randolph is managing for his job.

There is one pertinent question to all of this: If not Randolph as manager, then who?

Buster doesn’t know the answer….but it’s looking you in the face.


No Hockey!

Newsday reports that it looks like there won’t be a hockey game at Yankee Stadium. That was an awful horrible idea. The last game at the Stadium should be a Yankee game – hopefully game four of the World Series, a loss to the Mets.


>The Forbidden Subject

There’s one topic with the Mets that you can never bring up or you risk people avoiding eye contact with you and hanging up on your first time long time call.

It comes up today in an article in the Times. I shall excerpt and you can read and we’ll never discuss. By the way, Willie looks awfully happy in Yankee Stadium with Yankee logos nearby. It’s almost as if he’s a Yankee at heart. Maybe he just loves Mastercard.

On to the scary subject nobody is allowed to discuss:

That said, neither Randolph nor his boss, General Manager Omar Minaya, should dismiss rumblings that occasionally surface about divisions in their clubhouse between white and Latino players, even if it may be at times news media-enhanced. Around these parts, the dreaded perception can intrude on reality.

“Now these fans have the perception that I’m some racist bigot,” Wagner said, which, no question, happened to be a very good quotation.

The Mets should have confronted this vexing situation a long time ago, when the buzz began that Minaya was intent on assembling an all-Latino team after reeling in Pedro Martínez, Beltrán and Delgado. It was small-minded chatter then, but the notion dating back to last season that the Mets’ Latino players are indifferent to the team’s collective failures smacks of ugly stereotyping.

I will say that I disagree with the whole notion that indifference is related to the geographic origin of your ancestors. Omar did seem to be working on a specific marketing plan in 2005, but he also seems interested in getting good players…which is a vast improvement over Bobby V’s obsession with Shinjo and “The Japanese Greg Maddux.”

>Hankometer Threat Level : Orange

Attention Joe Girardi. Losing three of four to the Rays, hometown of The Boss, and then getting swept by the Mets is likely to result in an attack from Hank.

Welcome to the Bronx, this is your first “must win” game.

Who’s the manager in waiting in the Bronx these days?

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