This Mets fashion jersey will make it look like you could lose a few pounds

I mean, odds are if you follow my site you probably DO need to lose a few pounds…but that aside, what’s up with this probably photo-shopped image of this ugly fashion jersey.  It looks a hair too small on the model.  And does the guy shave his arms?


Mets Police Morning Laziness: Mets win quiet one

The 3rd place Mets are 3 games out of the Wild Card.  39,264 former touring comedians paid to attend the game.  The Mets get the national spotlight on Sunday Night Baseball!

SLACKISH REACTION:  I didn’t really get into that game.  It was fine and all, and KH was right that a 3-0 game is better than an 11-10 game…and I do like pitching duels, but I guess nobody was hanging out on twitter (like nobody) and at its heart baseball is boring.

Word was security was fine last night.  That’s nice.

Quiet Sunday as usual and I gotta drive a million hours early on weekends as usual.  Life as a secret agent is challenging.

Who are these people who eBay Mets Free Shirt Friday tees?

What is the mental process here?

Hey I will go to Citi Field, get a shirt, take a picture of it, post it to eBay, and then ship it out when someone buys it?

What is this thought process?

What’s even the profit margin?  Are these people walking to the game and getting free tickets?

Whoever these people are, I do not wish to be their friends.