Yeah we know….but the Mets want you to know they signed Jeurys Familia

My fiends the Mets, who didn’t want me to know they were having a holiday party, want you to know they now have two closers to go with their zero first basemen and grand total of three outfielders…but hey Wags looks good in suits.

Now you’re probably thinking….this guy Familia must be repped by CAA…..well you are WRONG. I believe he is repped by ACES. You know who else is repped by ACES? David Wright….who happened to be in Vegas “helping” Wags.

As usual, the Mets did not include an image but fortunately I have one so I don’t have to start drawing stick figures like usual.



FLUSHING, N.Y., December 14, 2018 – The New York Mets today announced that the club has signed right-handed pitcher Jeurys Familia to a three-year deal.


“We are excited to bring Jeurys back to Flushing,” Mets General Manager Brodie Van Wagenen said. “Jeurys is a familiar face and an accomplished, elite reliever with experience that will fit well in our clubhouse.”


Familia, 29, has appeared in 343 games across seven seasons in the majors. He split the 2018 season between the Mets and the Oakland Athletics, combining to go 8-6 with 18 saves, a 3.13 ERA (25 earned runs/72.0 innings) and 83 strikeouts in 70 games.


In 2016, Familia represented the Mets in the All-Star Game and ended the year leading the majors with 51 saves. That mark also set a single-season franchise record. He has recorded 123 saves with the Mets, which puts him third on the club’s all-time list.


Among relievers, he has the fourth-lowest home run rate over the last four years (min. 150 innings). Familia was the only reliever over the last four years with a groundball rate higher than 58.0 percent and a strikeout rate greater than 26.0 percent (min. 150 innings). He recorded 23 holds in 2014, which was tied for sixth on the Mets single-season all-time list.


The Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic native returns to the Mets organization after being dealt to the Athletics on July 21, 2018 in exchange for infielder Will Toffey, right-handed pitcher Bobby Wahl and international bonus pool money. Familia made his major league debut with New York on September 4, 2012 and has appeared in 313 games for the team.


Familia owns a 17-19 career record with 124 saves, a 2.73 ERA (107 earned runs/352.2 innings) with 369 strikeouts and 143 walks. He was originally signed by the Mets as a non-drafted free agent on July 13, 2007.


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Todd Ziele and SNY guys coming to the Queens Baseball Convention

Good news – Todd Ziele and the SNY crew are coming to the Queens Baseball Convention!

Bad news – I can’t imagine I am too popular with the SNY guys after these last few weeks.   Should be an awkward day!   Maybe I’ll buddy up with Figs.

Anyway enjoy this video which somehow goes 15 seconds without trading Syndergaard.

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With the Baseball Hall of Fame broken, it’s time for the Smithsonian Baseball Museum’s Shrine of Immortals – and here’s the list

You know the rap – Baines is in the HOF but the Hit King and Home Run King etc are not.

I also think it’s insane that the baseball shrine is in a small town in the middle of nowhere, so once again I will vouch for The Smithsonian Museum Of Baseball.  Put it in DC where all the other great museums are, and the Smithsonians are pretty good at museums.

Now that we’ve done this, we will need to create a replacement for the Hall of Fame, and to do THAT we will need a list.

Dan Twohig (@dtwohig), you know him from such things as The Queens Baseball Convention and writing like one post a year on here, made a list which I will share below.

We’d like the list to be 100.   Dan riffed 30 so we need 70 more.  Feel encouraged to add to this list in the comments section of this post on Mets Police Facebook. (and give us a like and share while there!)

Yes we know (insert player here) isn’t on the list.  We left you 70 open slots.

Now here’s the catch with The Shrine Of The Immortals – there are only 100 spots.  If you decide you want to add in Robinson Cano in a few years you will have to kick one of the 100 out!    100.   Not 101.  Not 99.  There are 100 in the Shrine of The Immortals.

The Immortals are players.  If you want to see owners, announcers and managers you can drive to the middle of nowhere upstate New York.

There are also no cutoffs on time or minimum ballots.  Everyone is eligible forever.

Also I just made up that we’re not gonna have plaques we will have jerseys.

Here are the first 30 Immortals.   Who do you want to add?  I hear Wags wants to add J.T. Realmuto.

1. Babe Ruth
2. Hank Aaron
3. Willie Mays
4. Ty Cobb
5. Cy Young
6. Ted Williams
7. Lou Gehrig
8. Barry Bonds
9. Roger Clemens
10. Tom Seaver
11. Sandy Koufax
12. Mel Ott
13. Joe DiMaggio
14. Mickey Mantle
15. Jackie Robinson
16. Christy Mathewson
17. Yogi Berra
18. Johnny Bench
19. Honus Wagner
20. Ricky Henderson
21. Ken Griffey, Jr
22. Steve Carlton
23. Greg Maddux
24. Mike Schmidt
25. Jimmie Fox
26. Joe Morgan
27. Stan Musial
28. Bob Gibson
29. Bob Feller
30. Roberto Clemente

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Mets Police Morning Laziness: A post of Fire and Ice (Syndergaard Syndergaard Syndergaard)

ICE:  Noah Syndergaard should ice SNY

FIRE:   Thor destroyed Gelbs in a tweet!

SLACKISH REACTION:  I mentioned Syndergaard’s name three times in the headline, not because he is Beetlejuice, but because that’s what blogs do now.  You just attach Syndergaard to anything.  Pick a player or a team and throw in the word Syndergaard.    Could the Mets swap Syndergaard to the Dallas Cowboys in a three way trade with Tottenham and get back Deli Alli?  Yes, all things are possible with blog.  Throw it out there, get some clicks.  That’s what I’m doing.

Did you see Wags’ list of All Time Mets Catchers?   Yes I am click baiting you but the payoff isn’t bad.

Check out my idea (well Indian Cricket’s idea) for the MLB Free Agent Auction live on TV.

The Mets got Dowdy.  Dowdy is a person who plays baseball.

Want to work in Mets Baseball Operations?   LinkedIn has a job for you.

Cool rendering of what someone imagines 126th Street will look like some day.  It won’t, but the rendering is cool.

At some point today the site’s views will pass those of all of 2016 (already beat 2017) – thank you all for reading!

And I will leave you with this thought that has stayed with me for a full day now…

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Noah Syndergaard should Ice SNY after all this


Last night while I was surfing my phone I saw that they couldn’t help themselves and had to use Noah Syndergaard in a headline again.  In this one, it was a TRAID, and how the Mets should trade Syndergaard for Bogarts.  You know, a trade.  The kind of stuff bad WFAN callers and the Amazing Apple Insiderized Mets Blog Report like to do.   TRAIDS.  I’ll hang up and listen.

This has been insane with 50 rumors a day, all seemingly coming from one particular outlet.  Now with no more rumors let’s just throw stuff against the wall.

Here’s my advice to Noah:  Ice Ice Baby.

You don’t have to make a public declaration.   Just quietly do it.

If someone from SNY asks a question, give them the shortest possible response.  If someone from another outlet asks a question, light up the room like you are Mary Tyler Moore.

Ice Ice Baby Thor.   Ice Ice Baby.

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