Baseball gets with it! Red Zone for Baseball coming.

Hey….look at baseball getting with the program!!   Red Zone for baseball.  And streaming, like how the kids watch things!  Amazing.



LONDON, 15 November – Major League Baseball and global sports streaming platform DAZN have agreed to a three-year live digital rights partnership in the United States, set to begin with the 2019 MLB regular season, it was announced today by Baseball Commissioner Robert D. Manfred, Jr., and DAZN Group Executive Chairman John Skipper. Today’s announcement was made after the 30 Major League Clubs approved the deal.

The partnership will deliver a live show each weeknight, available to subscribers via DAZN’s digital sports streaming platform, that will feature live look-ins to the best MLB action as it’s happening. This show will seamlessly whip around live MLB games to showcase the most suspenseful moments, crucial plays and biggest rallies. Additional details of the show, which will be co-produced by MLB and DAZN, will be announced in the coming months. There also will be on-demand MLB content and live weekend wrap shows available to DAZN subscribers.

“DAZN’s multisport streaming platform provides Major League Baseball and our Clubs an important opportunity to extend the game’s digital reach,” said Commissioner Manfred. “Our collaborative production will benefit DAZN’s subscribers with new ways to follow the captivating storylines, talented young stars and impactful plays happening around the game every day.”

“We are thrilled to partner with MLB on this important new initiative, which will be a great complement to and promotion of the outstanding lineup of live games from its national and regional broadcasters,” said Skipper. “We will target young multicultural fans, many of whom do not have pay television.  The fast-paced nature of a whip-around show will appeal to this audience and bring in new fans.  Ultimately, our goal with MLB is to grow both the overall audience for baseball and the burgeoning DAZN business.”

DAZN burst onto the scene in 2016, debuting in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Japan. Its early success across Europe and Asia spawned launches in Canada (2017), Italy and the U.S. (2018). Just this week, DAZN announced it would expand to Spain in 2019.

This MLB announcement aligns with DAZN’s promise to become a multisport offering after beginning its U.S. market entry within combat sports including more than 100 fight nights from Matchroom Boxing, Bellator MMA and other international promotions. DAZN, just $9.99 per month after a one-month free trial in the U.S., is available on connected devices including Smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, games consoles and PCs.

Last month, DAZN announced a groundbreaking partnership with boxing superstar Canelo Alvarez and Golden Boy Promotions that will take the Mexican sports icon off of pay-per-view for his next 11 fights and make him widely available on the DAZN platform for a low monthly subscription cost.

Internationally, MLB has partnered with DAZN since 2016, featuring live baseball games in Japan, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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No, the Mets are not trading Noah Syndergaard

Look, it’s great and all that the Padres are interested in Noah Syndergaard.  I’m interested in Evangeline Lilly.

Neither the Padres nor I am going to get anywhere with out interests.

I understand your Mets blog needs clicks and stuff and we all need to write about things but the Mets are not trading Noah Syndergaard.

Noah Syndergaard is not a free agent until 2022.

Noah Syndergaard, who feels like he has been around for a while, will be 26 in the 2019 Season.

Noah Syndergaard was really good last year.

If Noah Syndergaard can make 34 starts he will win the Cy Young.

Even in Arbitration, Noah Syndergaard is very affordable.  Some think he will make around $6 million next year.  Pfffft.

So, enjoy your clicks.  Enjoy worrying about nothing.  My #1 follower is not going anywhere.  Stop being silly.

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Cool Mets Buttons

I told you yesterday I would do a separate post about this.  You may recall the cool folks at Sports Crate hooked this up..

I like these buttons.

I LOVE That the ball logo has the tiny NY which as you know the Mets claim is hard to reproduce which is why it’s gone from the logo now.

I also like the swoosh button.  You don’t see too much swoosh 25 years later.   SWOOOSH.

And a black button and a Mr. Met button, sure, why not.

You guys can get your own Sports Crate with a 30% off discount. Use promo code METSPOLICE30 at checkout. You’re in. Just do it.

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Are the new Miami Marlins jerseys great for fans but a disaster on-field?


The Marlins have new uniforms.  These images I sourced are from a video (above) with 8 trillion jump cuts and weird lighting designed to not give us a good look but let’s see what we can do here…

I am not digging this font.  The M is ok but by the time we get to the ami it looks kinda fishy.  (The below is not a video, its a still so I could get a good look)

This cap has the same issue the Mets hybrids had.  It might look cool on a civilian, but as you can see in this photo, the logo disappears.  As we shall see, this is a major problem in this set.   How’s that gonna look from more than 5 feet away?

I’d like to see more of this blue.  Both above and below make me think these might be the prize.

Oh and good luck unseeing the kicking leg at the bottom of the M now that I pointed it out.

Then there’s the black.  Now here me loud.  This is a great looking fashion jersey.  This will loo good on a civilian.  On field though….it’s the hybrid problem.  Are you even going to be able to see the letters from the stands?

And here’s a different black.  Note on this one the blue is filled in, above it is not.  How many jerseys does this team have?  Anyway, the Black/Blue has all the issues the Mets black jerseys had.  It will disappear.  It will trick your eyes and make the blue look purple.  It will look bad in a game, good on a civilian.


I think the Marlins swung for the fences here and flew out to the track.  These are ALMOST really cool, but I fear they are a disaster.


Update: a better look is available. Not looking good to me.

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