The anti-Opener rule MLB has to make: openers can not pitch for three days.

A few weeks back I read a piece on The Athletic (I don’t see it right now and am too busy to go hunting) that pointed out that for 125 years the rhythm of baseball has been based upon the Starting Pitchers.

Today:  deGrom vs Scherzer!  or Seaver vs. Valenzuela!

Nobody wants to see

Today:  Swarzak vs Sergio Romo!

That’s bad for the game.

So, being the brilliant person I am, I have a simple fix that baseball should immediately adopt.

You may or may not know about the Earl Weaver rule.  Back in the day, Earl hated the DH.  So he would hand in a lineup with yesterday’s SP, and then bat for that person when the spot came up.  Baseball put in a rule that the names DH must bat once.

So, with that as inspiration, here is my proposed rule.

Any player designated as the starting pitcher is ineligible to pitch for the next three calendar days or three games, whichever is longer.

So, if you want to have Swarzak “open” the game tonight, you cannot use him on the mound tomorrow, Saturday or Sunday.  You can have him open again on Monday if you want.  He can pinch hit, pinch run, play left field but he cannot pitch.

Looking at it another way, if you start deGrom tonight,  you cannot use him on the mound tomorrow, Saturday or Sunday.  You can have him open again on Monday if you want.  He can pinch hit, pinch run, play left field but he cannot pitch.

That’s how things would have been handled anyway had someone not started this Opener nonsense.

I doubt teams will want to carry 3 or 4 “openers” plus 4 or 5 “guys that pitch the 2nd through the 7th.”

I believe my rule to be brilliant.  Discuss.

While we’re saving baseball from itself, read this about how baseball neatly divides into 25 year eras, the next one begins in 2020 and why baseball should go to 7 inning games in 2020.


LOL Yankees schedule weirdly timed Saturday 1:05pm game vs. Mets

Hey guys, this is weird.

The Yankees-Mets game is scheduled for 1:05pm.  Crazy, right?    Mets executives have repeatedly said that their research shows fans prefer night games.

I see FOX has Dodgers-Astros at 7, but I guess the Yankees could still have played at 4 rather than this crazy weekend early afternoon stuff that teams like the Cubs do.

Why would the Yankees schedule a baseball game for a sunny Saturday afternoon?  That’s so weird!  Have they not done the expert research that the Mets have done?  They must not have, otherwise why would someone think someone would want to go to a game on a sunny Saturday afternoon?

Interestingly, according to ESPN, the Yankees are averaging 33,574 which is #1 in MLB.   The Mets are 17th at 28,180.    Imagine what the cap would be if the Mets didn’t play those convenient Saturday Night games, or if the Yankees did.

Anyway, it LOLYankees time as they play a baseball game at Saturday at 1:05pm which, as the Mets tell us, nobody wants.  I sure hope someone shows up!

Guest Post: Top 5 Mets All Star Game memories

So there’s nothing going on and I have a meeting.  Fortunately my buddy Hayes @googlinggod handed in a guest post!  He even went the extra step of proving URLs for the videos.  No mention of Murph?

So I love the All Star Game.   Shannon got me into this when he said to me once that he recorded the ASG every year because those are all the big stars of the era and we’ll look back on these games later and want to see these guys again.  I suppose that’s true.
While Jacob DeGrom did strike three guys out in his ASG appearance last night, Mike Trout took him deep and I think he’ll be more remembered for that than for dominating the three other hitters.  Fair or not, a homer is a homer.
But I’d like to go through the top 5 ASG Mets Memories that I have.  These are games I saw live—-so sorry Seaver and Matlack fans but those early 70s games are just before my time.  (I was born in 1970).
So here are my favorites in reverse order:
#5:  2006:   David Wright blasted a homer in the game   and made the finals of the Home run Derby losing to Ryan Howard.
Carlos Beltran also had 2 hits in this game and scored a run.
#4:  2015:   If you really wanted a DeGrom memory to hold on to, this one was it.  He struck out the side on 10 pitches sitting down….Stephen Vogt, Jason Kempkis and Jose Iglesias.  Not exactly murderers row, but hey 10 pitches is 10 pitches.
#3:  2013:     TDK…yes he was a baby.   But he started this game and threw 2 scoreless innings.   
#2:  1984:  Doc Gooden struck out the side with Lance Parish, Chet Lemon and Al Davis all going down.  Golden was also the youngest all star in history at 19.  In his second inning, Lou Whitaker grounded out Gooden to Hernandez, Eddie Murray then hit a windblown double into short left field that Ozzie Smith nearly caught.  Cal Ripken grounded out Schmidt to Hernandez and then Dave Winfield flew out to Tim Raines in LF.   Two scoreless innings and he pitched to Gary Carter.   The link is the whole game.  Which is cool because there are cheesy commercials and Al Michaels, Howard Cosell and Don Drysdale were the broadcast crew.  Fernando Valenzuela also struck out the side, which I believe may be the only time two pitchers did that in the same All Star game.
#1: 1979:   Lee Mazzilli – Maz cracked an opposite field Home run to tie the game and then later walked to bring home the go-ahead run in a National League win.  Dave Parker’s two throws to the plate garnered him the MVP award.  I talked to Parker about that on a trip to Cincinnati with Big League Tours once and asked him if Lee Mazzilli was still bitter about not being named the MVP and he replied, “Lee Mazzilli’s home run barely went over the fence!”  He’s not wrong. Maz’s homer comes at 2:58:00 in this video.  
Honorable mention:  Lance Johnson 1996.  Played the whole game!
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