Mets made this fun guide to the Winter Meetings

I didn’t get to deal with this all day since I had to Actually Work (TM) but this definitely warrants sharing.  Nice job @mets.

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Report: Todd Ziele replacing Nelson Figueroa as main Mets analyst on SNY pre and post

Photo courtesy of SNY/Dominick Totino

Well Figs, now look what you did.  You provide really good no-bullshit analysis and we aren’t going to have that on our pre and post game show.

Todd Ziele will be taking over, per this report.

I can’t say I watch much pre, and even less post (coming up in 20 minutes, Mickey Hodges’ presser that we could have just shown you live!) so I don’t really care, but Figs deserved better.  I think.  Never met him.

Anyway, muzzling the guy who doesn’t toe the line is a tradition that goes all the way back to The Young Howie Rose.  I know you kids only know Howie as the venerable Mets announcer – but The Young Howie Rose would call bullshit on this team on something called Mets Extra on WFAN…and eventually the Mets wouldn’t allow Howie on immediately after the game and brought in the awful Todd Kalas to do a buffer post-game show.  THEN Howie killed the Mets.  I miss that version of Howie.


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The Mets want you to know they have Cano and Sugar Diaz Shirseys

I am told @mediagoon is sleeping outside the Mets store so he can buy five of these, plus a game used piece of dirt from Steiner, as soon as the store opens. He has a problem that guy.

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Is there a nighttime SNY social media guy who is cooler than daytime’s clickbait guy?

Whoa, look at Night Time SNY Social Media person posting this one!  I mean, who hyped the Winter Meetings more than Formerly MetsBlog?  I salute you Mr. Night Time SNY Social Media person (or Ms. Night Time SNY Social Media person, this Mets Police jerk is pretty sexist, no?  Women are also good at social media.  Although maybe Daytime Clickbait person is a woman.   So many layers!!!)

Also bonus point for Star Wars reference…hey wait, a Star Warsreference combined with a Formerly MetsBlog content rip….maybe I am the Night Time SNY Social Media person!

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