Mets Police Morning Laziness: Mets to some day hire a manager like the Angels did

SLACKISH REACTION:  The alarm goes off, there is no Mets news other than random manager speculation.

deGrom is up for some made up award, but I guess all awards are made up.

ICYMI the 1969 Mets won the World Series.  Spoilers.

Sure is weird how everyone is talking about Matt Harvey.

The Angels hired Joe Maddon who the Mets didn’t talk to it seems.


The AAIMBR recaps Tomas Nido’s season for you.  That sounds interesting.

The radio station lets us know that Curtis Granderson won’t be the next Mets manager in case for some reason you though that Curtis Granderson would be the next Mets manager.

The AAIMBR randomly adds Tim Bogar to the list of random managerial candidates.


Gil Must Go: Gil cheats his way to the 1969 Mets being the World Champions!

Oh man, if you ever needed proof that Gil Hodges is not the right man for the job, this was it.  Even in the Mets finest most amazing hour there has to be some controversy.

I am sure I will catch crap for being “too negative” for speaking the truth about the shoe polish thing,  but I am hearing through the back channels that Koosman is saying “Hodges had instructed him to rub the ball on his shoe, which he did, and after that Hodges showed the ball to the umpire. Koosman’s claim doesn’t necessarily mean that the ball didn’t strike Jones on the foot, nor does it even mean that the polish on the ball seen by the umpire was put there by Koosman—it’s certainly conceivable that there was already a genuine spot of polish on the ball, which easily could have escaped Koosman’s notice as he hastily created the fraudulent one. In any case, Koosman’s allegation at the very least adds an intriguing layer of uncertainty and possible chicanery to an already legendary event” (Wikipedia)

Meanwhile, Swoboda is telling a different story  “that when the ball came bounding into the Mets dugout, it hit an open ball bag under the bench, and several batting / infield practice balls came spilling out on the dugout floor. According to Swoboda, you couldn’t distinguish the actual game ball from any of the ones that spilled out of the bag. Hodges quickly looked down, grabbed a ball that had a black streak on it, and walked it out to the home plate umpire, who then awarded first base to Jones.”  (wikipedia)

So while the Baseball Mafia has their head in the sand, there are at least two versions of the story, neither of which is that the ball hit Cleon.

Is this really how the Mets want to be winners?  By blatant cheating.

Anyway, congratulations to the Mets, and it was great to have Koosman, the One True Ace, on the hill.   

The Mets Managerial Debate

The debate got me thinking the Mets/SNY should just take the managerial search to the people. Clearly the Wilpons are terrible at hiring, and Wags is a disaster, so why not let people like Frank the train guy pick.

All the managerial candidates on stage. Girardi, Beltran, Scout Guy, Tony Perez’ son, Wags’ nephew Beto, Pete Davidson….whoever

We will start with a pre-debate show where guys like Andy Martino and John Harper tell us what’s about to happen, all of which is incorrect of course.

Gelbs, Howie and Baseball Operations Expert Jessica Mendoza ask questions. Everyone gives a speech about how they plan to fix the Mets.

The moderators can ask questions like..

“Mr. Girardi, if the GM saddles you with a guy making $20M and the player clearly isn’t hitting, do you feel like the player should play?”

“Mr. Beltran, how do you plan to keep the team strong for several years given that some idiot traded away all the prospects?”

“Mr. Scout Guy, you’ve never managed. Why the hell would we even be considering you? Are you repped by CAA?”

“Mr. Petez, how does it feel to be here?” (That was Gelbs’ Question. It wasn’t very interesting.)

“Beto, if Uncle Brodie trades Syndergaard to the Yankees, who do you think takes those 32 starts?” (Question submitted by Andy Martino)

We can poll the fans and select the manager. Then when the fans make a stupid pick they can all shut up because they will be the ones who picked.

It would draw a huge TV number and would give Jeff and Wags cover – it’s not them being stupid this time, it’s YOU!

Link: DEA interviews Matt Harvey, Angels in Tyler Skaggs’ probe – Los Angeles Times

Hey that’s a weird headline.

DEA interviews Matt Harvey, Angels in Tyler Skaggs’ probe – Los Angeles Times

I wonder why the Times would single out Harvey in the headline?  They also used a big image of him, just like I did.

I wonder why the DEA would want to speak to Matt about this?  I guess he and Skaggs became good friends during Spring Training.