Steve Cohen to bring back Mets’ Black Edge jerseys

Well, look what Steve Cohen is bringing to Queens.  No it’s not a Lindor nor Conforto extension (not to mention Thor)…it’s this.

This ends a nice run of nine seasons where the Mets looked nice.

Long term readers of the blog are well aware of my opinions on the Black Edge jerseys, which simply out, look terrible.

While they might look nice as fashion-wear, they look terrible on field, and the caps are even worse.

I wonder if Trump supporter Mike Piazza has Steve’s ear on these, as they are clearly Piazza era jerseys.

The good news for readers of this blog is that I have vowed to continue doing this until the Mets win the World Series while nicely dressed, and it seems that Steve has no intention of helping me see that goal – so I will stay here and continue to fight the good fight.  You won’t begetting rid of me any time soon.


Trump Supporter Mike Piazza to do community and sponsor outreach for Mets

The New York Post reports that….

It’s expected Piazza will help grow the Mets’ brand and profile while also dabbling in team heritage, community relations and sponsor relationships as well as maintaining a connection with the players.

The Communities with which Mike will relate, and the Mets sponsors obviously love Mike and will be happy to have him, just as Donald Trump was happy to have Mike at his rally in October 2020.

What says bringing people together more than attending a Trump rally in October 2020?  Enjoy the community relations Mike, I am sure the communities of say Flushing or Corona or Jackson Heights will be happy to see you!

I am equally confident the sponsors will want to align with Piazza’s brand!

Mets HOFer Mike Piazza supported President Trump at Trump Rally on Saturday

Mets Roster Moves

Even though I am presently a member of the Baltimore Orioles, my friend and teammate Matt Harvey long ago taught me that it’s ok to be on one major league team and root for another (Matt loves his Yankees!).

So here’s some news from the Mets.  I look forward to playing against them this season.




FLUSHING, N.Y., March 28, 2021 – The New York Mets announced today that LHP Jerry Blevins, RHP Jerad Eickhoff, catcher Caleb Joseph, infielder José Peraza, outfielder Mallex Smith and RHP Arodys Vizcaíno have been notified that they will not be on the Opening Day roster. Additionally, LHP Stephen Tarpley has been optioned to the Triple-A roster.


The Mets now have 32 players in major league camp.


Orioles #2 Starter Matt Harvey pitched against PIT – how’d he do? You’ll look

Happy Harvey Day folks, and it’s the day after The Dark Knight’s birthday – and he was just named the Orioles #2 starter (really?? really.) so you know he went to bed early and was totally prepped for today’s game!

As with much of the spring, good media coverage has been hard to find but I will do my best.  Matt probably looked something like this.

Now, the Orioles have been all excited about Matt.  I keep warning them that he can’t pitch with runners on base, and now maybe they will believe me.

Matt was sailing along in the first when suddenly a runner reached base and…

Oh that’s weird, the runner scored.  Oh well, first inning jitters.  Let’s go to the second…..Matt is sailing along and then a runner reaches base…

Oh, that’s weird, the runner scored.  Oh well, second inning jitters.  Let’s go on to the third and

Uh oh!

That’s not good.  I imagine Matt looked something like this….

But have no fear, The Real Deal is here..

And through three, the Orioles #2 starter has this line.

In the 4th, Matt gets two quick outs, a single (uh oh) but then gets Jason Delay (who?) to ground out for the third out.

Meanwhile, I am obsessively searching twitter for “orioles” “pirates” and “matt harvey” and there is like ZERO coverage.  The @Pirates and @Orioles aren’t even tweeting about the game.  I’m beginning to suspect that….

Scully do you think it’s possible this game isn’t actually being played?  Nobody is covering it.  It could just be a simulation being tweeted by  That would explain why Matt Harvey isn’t a total disaster.

TDK went 123 with a K in the 5th and the box wound up looking pretty!   That’s a wrap!

Let’s take a simulated look at Matt following today’s not bad performance!

Yep.  With the mission accomplished, and a birthday to celebrate, it looks like a big Sunday night for TDK.  Just don’t overdo it on the Burritos Matt, you don’t want to blow this magic with Orioles security finding that you overslept.

Next up, it’s the regular season….presumably the Red Sox will have some media coverage of the game.  I’m still not sure today’s game actually happened.