Mets Police Morning Laziness: Braves hurt Mets Second Half Champions chances…plus David Wright sorta returns

SLACKISH REACTION:  I’m so glad WOR is going away.  I was driving home and it was 7:01 and I just wanted to know if the game was happening.  Wall of commercials and that metallic sound.  Eff you.  Click.  Decided I didn’t care.

I did watch some of the game, about 6 innings worth, and was kind of bored.  So bored that I risked missing David pinch hitting in the 97th inning.  However the Mets have announced DW will not play against the Braves because people are acting like home field matters in the playoffs (other than for gate at all).  So will DW play Friday night?  I guess.  I dunno.  David says he wants to play so if David wants to play, OK by me – but I WAS gonna watch Solo on Friday so you’re killing my whole weekend now David – I’m losing Spider-Man Saturday to having to hike all the way to Citi Field.    Anyway after I turned the game off Thor left and the bullpen totally blew our chances to be 2nd Half NL East Champions!  I guess the Braves really are the better team.

Anyway the loss puts our Second Half Heroes in a bind..

Fortunately the One True Ace pitches tonight to try to get this to one back.

David Wright signed The Virus’ cleats

Did David violate MLB Rule 3.03(b)?

David spoke to the media for 15 minutes

David has a three game Home Run Streak on the line again tonight

Matt Harvey pitched one last game for the Reds.

NOT LINKING:  Haven’t had any Not Linking in a while – if you are new to the Morning Laziness the whole idea is for me to save you time, so let me save you time.  COULD Ron Darling be the next GM?  Well COULD is a loaded word.  Sure.  So could my dog.  But WILL Ron Darling be the next GM.  Do I even have to answer you?  Stop with the dumb-ass articles people.


Was there a uniform rules violation for David Wright in his return to the Mets dugout?

So as I went to bed last night I posted that it looked like DW wore a proper undershirt….

And in the original post I guessed theoretically it could be a photoshop, but it appears to be David in the same dugout as Mickey Callaway, so I guess it’s from (tonight.) And David has a blue undershirt which is good because…

Had he worn a non matching undershirt that would have been an unfortunate violation.  David has learned the error of his ways, and wore a matching color…unlike in the past.

But wait…this morning I see THIS tweet

Do I see a hint of orange there? Rusty patch. Hey….

I think I see some orange? Maybe the Post did photoshop that first one? (If so LAAAAME). Maybe David changed?

Anyway I hope that David understands he is in violation of the rules. 3.03(b) specifically.

ICYMI here’s David Wright speaking to the Mets media earlier today

In case you missed it – I did – here’s 15 minutes of The Captain.  He says he’d like to get in a game or two before Saturday.  I personally don’t want his return to be a random AB in an empty stadium. but if that’s what David wants then that’s what I want.  OTOH John Ricco said he is unlikely to play in the Braves series.  So a random AB Friday night?  I wanted to play Spider-Man.

Matt Harvey pitched one last time for the Reds. How did he do? You’ll look.

Well today was special for a lot of Mets fans as one of their favorite players came back – that’s right…

The Dark Knight Returned yet again.  Let’s check in on his numbers…

My favorite Reds pitcher showed himself to be a pretty decent 3 starter.  Imagine if the Reds connected him with some sort of Pitching Guru how good he could be!  Also Matt took all his starts all summer which is something the other Five Four Three Aces seem unable to do.

So it’s time for baseball.  Matt are you ready?

He’s ready!

Now we worry about first innings for Rip Tide in Cincy.  He’s had some shaky ones.

No worries tonight!  Matt had a 1-2-3 inning including this strikeout of Raul Mondesi’s kid!

and man let’s look at the ump – we’re looking at umps because Front Row Amy isn’t at the game – this ump is INTO IT!

Sit down son of Raul Mondesi, you are out.  1-2-3 for T-D-K and we get our first Matt Walks To The Dugout Shot of the night, and man I like these….and this is a cool looking one and could be the FEATURED IMAGE.  

Hey is Matt looking a little chunky there?  Is Fat Harvey back?   Which brings us to our side note.  Reds Guy said this is MH’s last start of the year (Booooo start him Sunday Reds, don’t you know how popular these posts are????).

So this could be it for Matt in Cincy….which means that summer romance with Jenny the Waffle House Waitress is almost over.  She will be so sad…or maybe she doesn’t even know who Matt from Mystic is, and it was just a summer fling.  Regardless, soon Matt will be back in Soho and at Rangers games and seeing if any supermodels will still take his call.  Might need to get a long run in before you resurface in the Meat Packing District Matt.

So with Matt cruising, and I don’t mean for chicks, let’s go to the second inning where….wait…what happened.

Matt has given up a leadoff hit.  He does not react well to adversity.  However, I believe in Matt and I am confid…

,…oh shit…..


…whew it’s off the wall but now there are two on and none out for Matty Baseball.

Rats, the Reds keep in the infield but that will get the runner home and TDK trails 1-0.

Wait, is Matt looking at me?  He’s looking at me.  Dude I have been your biggest supporter since you went to Cincy.

Matt struck out the next two guys….sit down Royals….so all things considered not bad, although the pitch count is getting up there and it’s starting to rain.

On to the 3rd and Royals Gelbs is talking to this pitcher who is clearly violating MLB’s uniform rules.

OK enough already Royals Gelbs.  Back to the game man.

WHAT?  Are you kidding me?

42 pitches with a run and 4Ks through three?  Could that really be the end of Matt Harvey & I for the summer?

Let’s do a recap of MH 2018 while we wait…

Things were looking good for Matt in the Spring.  The Mets had Mickey Hodges The Pitching Guru who said he was going to fix Matt….but maybe Matt had a few pounds on him

Soon Matt would be gone.  I’m cheating here, this picture is not what I am pretending it is, but it’s funny, roll with it.

And new colors…and a new number which now look normal to me…but totally fucks his socks game.

Sometimes things went bad…

Sometimes they went better

But the most important thing was these posts got CLICKS.  I look forward to Matt returning to The Big Apple for hockey, models, and CLICKS.

We’ve killed enough time and the rain has left.  Let’s ask Matt if he wants to stay it the game?

Of course he does!!!!  But oh the first runner has gotten on.

You know, there was that one time where Matt convinced us to leave him in a game and…

Oh shit….

This doesn’t look good….

Fuck!  And now it’s 3-0.

Matt does not look happy.  Or maybe he is reading this post and wants to beat me up.  I can’t tell.

Matt gets his 5th strikeout….

and his Dugout Walk is sad.  Poor Matt.  But The Dark Knight Returned for the 5th, after all, returning is what The Dark Knight does best…

Matt gave up a hit and then the pitching coach wanted to talk.  Matt looks thrilled.

The Reds announcers think something may be wrong..

But there are three letters in TDK and the third letter is….wait for it….

K.  Sit down Royal.   And it was time to walk to the dugout.

Hey what’s this dissolve?  Why are they fading away from Matt?  Is it a metaphor?  The Fading Matt Harvey?  GET IT??

Awwww no metaphor, they just bailed on Matt to show this cute dog.

And that was that.  The likely end of Cincy Harvey.  6Ks, 3 runs.  The end of the summer romance with Jenny.  Unless Scott Boras got really bad at his job I think I will be able to get a Harvey 32 jersey on the cheap come the off-season.

This was a typical Reds Era start.  Fine in clean innings, shaky in dirty innings.  But Matt is still a usable three starter, and while I think his stuff won’t play in FNYS (he gives up a lot of 380 foot outs which will be upper deckers in the Bronx), if Boras can find a big park, Matt could have a god future.  Any interest in a one year deal in Detroit Matt?  Suck it up, take the 2.30 ERA then trick the Steinbrenners into a payday and accept your destiny (and a 10.80 ERA).

It has been fund doing these posts, even if they take me two hours.  They are also well read.  CLICKS BABY.

Hopefully Matt signs in the Eastern Time Zone and I can do them next summer.  If he signs out west…yeah I gotta go to bed.

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