Mets’ Robinson Cano’s excuse making feels lame.

Bad quotes here.  Just say I messed up. Don’t blame the scoreboard.  And just run hard in the first place.  Your numbers are horrible and you were suspended half a season for PEDs, you get no rope from me.  Play hard.


I have declared a MICKEY WATCH for the Mets

Good morning.

We have moved beyond the Mickey Watch Watch into a Mickey Watch. Why? The media has turned on him. That is always the beginning of the end.

SNY is writing about it – I’d embed their video but they made it difficult so I am not even going to link to them.  Fox wrote about it, but they too make their embed difficult so I am happy not to include them.

There were many tweets from the beat who were more speculating on the WHEN than the if.

It’s over.  As I predicted, it will not happen today it will happen on May 26th.

Mets Police Morning Laziness: the Mickey Watch is ON!

SLACKISH REACTION:  Oh man I was out all day and got home around midnight and was so so itchy to blog.  I was following the game and related carnage on twitter and wanted to do like 7 posts but just was not home.  Catching up now before I head to soccer, but man you guys are so negative!

I have early soccer and will have full posts on most of these items as the morning goes on but here’s the quick Laziness…

Lyin’ Todd Frazier thinks Mickey Hodges is doing a great job.  Fox Sports also are being difficult with their story so I am not linking to them either.

Did Frazier curse out a fan?????

Cano making excuses for not running hard. 

Pete Alonso will be the lone Mets All Star

I have upgraded to a full Mickey Watch and predict May 26th will be his final day.

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