Watch the Darryl Strawberry Panel from QBC19 here

Got 51 minutes?  Like Darryl Strawberry?  Off today?   Well connect the MacBook to the AppleTV and put your feet up….

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WANT: T-Shirt guy teases super snazzy orange pullover Mets jersey

The T-Shirt guy was showing off a jersey he hopes to sell this summer.  It is REALLY SNAZZY.

Director, can we zoom in a little…

It’s a little hard to see but notice the pattern of all the NYs.  The pictures don’t do it justice but in real life it gives the jersey a really nice summery feel.  I told TTSG I would buy one right now if he would sell me one.  These are really nice.

TTSG wanted to be sure we all saw the patch…

Super-awesome.  These should be available on later this summer.

I had a good chat with Darren, who told me a story that absolutely fascinated me, but I need to take a beat and double-check what’s been said publicly or not.  Don’t worry, we have several weeks to kill, I’ll get to it.  (Writing this one Sat Night while fighting off The Virus)

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David Wright accepts the 2019 Gil Hodges Award

This is pretty cool…

The goal of the Gil Hodges Unforgettable Fire Award, as well explained by Greg Prince, is to keep Gil’s legacy aglow so even those who don’t remember him first-hand “understand what it means to have somebody like that set our team on its path and realize that all the best elements of sportsmanship and humanity can come together in a Mets uniform and a Mets clubhouse.

Gil’s life in and out of baseball reminds us that some things and some people transcend mere championships — though let’s not overlook that first championship, forever the signature achievement of this franchise.”

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6:40 starts? Seaver Statues? Mercury Mets? It’s a Quick Recap of the Meet The Mets Executives Panel from QBC19

At Saturday’s QBC I had the pleasure of hosting the annual Meet The Mets Executives panel once again joined by Mark Fine, Executive Director of Marketing, Will Carafello, the best social media guy in the game, Sr. Director of Social Media aka @mets, and my first time with Kenny Kaperda Executive Director of Ticket Sales.

I scribbled a few notes on my prep-sheet, so let’s see thoughts I can shake loose of my brain this morning.  I’m still fighting off The Virus and at this hour have a splitting headache and am squinting to type this.

6:40 Starts – Kenny said that their research shows…I am paraphrasing here….that most fans show up in that last half hour before the game and that most travel by car.  So while they see why it might work for Brand Y to try 6:40’s, the thought is that it would create a stress point on the car going Mets fan.  I’m majorly paraphrasing there, but that was the gist.  They also have discussed 7:05 starts.

Seaver Statue – @Medigaoon had armed me with what used to be a Tom Seaver figurine, now painted gold, so I sprung it on Mark Fine.  While I did not get the vibe that a statue is in the cars, Mark suggested that Something Seaver Related is coming down the pike as part of the 1969 festivities.  Now before you all run with that, keep in mind that there’s nothing definite there, and keep in mind that what a lot of us here in the back channels is that Tom is not well….so if you’re imagining some sort of Seaverpalooza I think, unfortunately, you need to temper your expectations and be happy if you get a Tom waves to the crowd.  

The Wilpon Dome – as we head into season 11 at Citi Field (wow)I asked if the park could somehow be middle aged already?  These Mets Executives have no sense that the Mets will be moving to another stadium.

Spoilers – we had a good chat about spoilers, cord-cutters, and the laws of physics and Will explained the challenges of speaking to different audiences, whether that being Mr. Met saying “lit” or waiting two minutes to post a HR and then getting yelled at by people who say that clip is from two minutes ago.  To me, Twitter Itself needs to add a “live sports delay” option.  Fortunately the Twitter for Mac now delays tweets, although that just seems to be annoying rather than a feature.

What’s New At Citi Field?   That will be announced on March 21st.

Why won’t they sign (insert player here)?  I asked the question because you guys accuse me of being a sellout.  Mark reminded me that he is not the General Manager, but he did have really great things to say about Wags.  But no, Mark Fine, executive Director of Marketing will not be signing free agents.

Now for this next section I want to parse language.  There are phrases we all use, and they can be misinterpreted.   Phrases like “talked about” “considered” “no plans yet.”

Example – @Ceetar and I did consider starting a blog about an MLB Expansion Team.  We talked about it on Saturday.  Now I will point out that there is no expansion team, and if there is one it doesn’t necessarily mean that I will go through with it.

Example – no plans yet.  I have no plans yet on what I will have for dinner.  I have no plans yet on which video games I will play all afternoon.  That being said, it is likely I will eat dinner AND play video games.  I have not yet discussed this with anyone and have no plans yet.

OK got the preamble…

Honoring the 2000 Team in 2020.   There are no plans yet.  CALM DOWN DID YOU NOT JUST READ WHAT I WROTE.  I didn’t say the Mets are not honoring 2000, I just said there are no plans yet.  They are aware of the anniversary.

The 20th Anniversary of the Mercury Mets – The Mets do not plan to do anything on field.  They may do something on social.  I even asked if there was any amount of nagging I could do to change their minds.  There is not.

Again, thanks to Kenny, Will and Mark for coming by.  Double thanks to Will for even talking to me as I razz @mets twice a day.

I’m sure @mediagoon will share the video at some point, at which time I will include it here.

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Mets Police Morning Laziness: NFL starts great game at crazy early time of 6:30pm ET to the detriment of West Coast baseball fans

SLACKISH REACTION:  Well those were two really entertaining football games!

I don’t know how any of you sit through a game in real-time.  I started the first game around 5 on DVR, and then during the Patriots game I had to take two breaks to let my buffer fill back up.

I also imagine the ratings were terrible because of the crazy early 6:30pm start.  We know from FOX and MLB that the World Series must be played after 8pm Eastern or there is no way for West Coast Fans to watch.

Some people seem to miss the sarcasm in the above point.  The ratings for that game are going to be phenomenal and the OT game was over at like 10:15pm.   Why Baseball is so dug in on the 13% of West Coast fans while sacrificing the east coast makes no sense to me.

Anyway it was a great afternoon of DVR-Sports.   And the George Martin documentary on Amazon Prime.

There is no Mets news.

NOT LINKING:  The AAIMBR is doing “bullpen predictions.”  There can’t actually be anyone who finds that interesting, can there?

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