Whatever happened to MetsBlog?

It’s November of 2008.  November 3rd to be exact.  You bop on over to MetsBlog.com.  On this day it’s presented by an insurance company, but spiritually it’s still “Matthew Cerrone’s MetsBlog – a Grand Central Station for Mets Information.”

On this day, Matt has a nice mix of things to read, some stories about players, some outbound links, some opinion pieces.  (Via Wayback Machine)

Down the left side, a zillion links to everyone and their mother’s blog.

We see on the right side that it’s part of the SNY blog network, yet it still feels like a dude who is a Mets fan hustling to find content…and it all feels like a personalized community.

Ten years later you come back.  It’s sort of called MetsBlog but it’s not.  You’ve typed in MetsBlog.com and your browser lands at SNY.TV/Mets/News.  And it feels like clickbait.

I’ve been feeling this way all summer, and danced around this topic about a month ago, and nobody shouted me down  Yesterday’s Syndergaard Trade was a good jump off point to deep dive on my feelings.

Let’s start there.  The Syndergaard Trade Interest.  It’s the perfect example of everything gone wrong.  The alarmist headline is that the Syndergaard Interest Is Strong And It’s Real!!!   Yes, that is factually true.  I’m interested in Evangeline Lilly.  Means nothing to her.   But the headline is phrased in such a way to get your emotions to think, “Oh shit, the Mets are trading Syndergaard!”

Except, of course, they are not.  I wrote as much at noon yesterday, you can read that of you want.  Or not.  I don’t care, this site s just my timekiller hobby.

By 4pm we were told by the COO that the Mets are not trading Syndergaard.

Lets you think I just let the headline get to me, here’s how Andy Martino wrapped things up. (via SNY TV METS NEWS whatever.  I just typed MetsBlog.)

Keep your eye on this one, folks. The Mets are looking to be aggressive this winter in improving their team, and this avenue is a real possibility.

Except it’s not.  I mean, sure, it’s a possibility.  So is selling the team to me for a dollar.  Or moving to Mercury.   Which brings us to the big problem Formerly MetsBlog had all summer – the COULD article.





You get the idea.

Then let’s get back to the soul, and I think this gets back to Matt. Or the absence of Matt. Or who now surrounds Matt.

Andy Martino. I don’t know the guy. Never met the guy. But he forever damaged himself with Mets fans like me when he mixed race into a discussion of what was actually just people being mad the Mets blew a game against the Yankees. Maybe Martino is great at what he does, but to me, he’s gonna need to do it for another team. There’s no coming back from that one in my brain.

John Harper? I guess he had a nice career. Then he was attached to the Yankees article below.

Now did Harper create the graphics? Most likely not. But he wrote the piece. And the idea that the Mets were trading both Thor and The One True Ace to the Yankees is the stuff that the worst blogger ever wouldn’t even wrote.

So Harper damaged his brand to me, forever.

If either one is on the byline, I’m just out.

Matt may not have been (insert famous hall of fame baseball writer here) in 2008 but he was one of us.  He was me. He was you.  And it was coming from a point of passion, not clicks for clicks sake.

November 2018. You click on MetsBlog. The URL changes. On this Saturday morning, there’s some OK stuff, a piece by Cerrone, but then Martino is trading Syndergaard, and then Harper and some other guys. It feels corporate. It no longer feels like a guy in Connecticut at the soul, it feels like some guys in a big Manhattan skyscraper trying to get clicks. And that’s the business, I get it. But it makes me feel like….

…whatever happened to MetsBlog?

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Mets Police Morning Laziness: Thor hits Phantom of the Opera but he ain’t being traded


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If I am the phantom, it is only because man’s hatred has made me so

A post shared by Noah Syndergaard (@nsyndergaard) on

SLACKISH REACTION: Oh my, what’s even happening up there? Phantom of the Opera I guess. If Matt Harvey attended a Broadway show instead of working out and watching game films you’d make fun of him.

Yesterday started with SNY being silly again, then I had to let everyone know NO THE METS ARE NOT TRADING SYNDERGAARD, and then by 4pm Jeff Wilpon confirmed it.  We also learned that Jeff and I dress the same.

Which one of us is gonna tell Lyin’ Todd Frazier that Syracuse doesn’t play in New Jersey?  He’s gonna be so mad.


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Otto in the house #letsgoorange 🍊

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Happy Birthday Mr. Franchise,

Soccer tournament canceled due to unplayable fields.  I’ll be on the PS4 if you need me.  After a run.

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Short video of Mets COO Jeff Wilpon leads to all kinds of questions…not about baseball

I found this video fascinating.

Yeah whatever let the AAIMBR worry about what he said. Here’s what I want to know….


Look at that stoop. Is he visiting my grandmother in Maspeth? That’s a very Queens looking porch. Did the media stalk him all day and find him on 51st Avenue?


Does Jeff walk around in a blue Mets jacket all winter? You know who else does that? ME. If I grew my hair a little longer we’d look like twins!

And three….someone needs to tell SNY about their own tweet below since THEY are the ones starting the Syndergaard trade nonsense.  Did I not tell you just two hours ago the Mets aren’t trading Thor.  Yes, yes I did.

Anyway I love this post, and you know you love my blog for all its ANTI and ridiculousness.   (I think the Mets were giving out turkeys this afternoon which is why Jeff is at Nana’s.)

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Baseball gets with it! Red Zone for Baseball coming.

Hey….look at baseball getting with the program!!   Red Zone for baseball.  And streaming, like how the kids watch things!  Amazing.



LONDON, 15 November – Major League Baseball and global sports streaming platform DAZN have agreed to a three-year live digital rights partnership in the United States, set to begin with the 2019 MLB regular season, it was announced today by Baseball Commissioner Robert D. Manfred, Jr., and DAZN Group Executive Chairman John Skipper. Today’s announcement was made after the 30 Major League Clubs approved the deal.

The partnership will deliver a live show each weeknight, available to subscribers via DAZN’s digital sports streaming platform, that will feature live look-ins to the best MLB action as it’s happening. This show will seamlessly whip around live MLB games to showcase the most suspenseful moments, crucial plays and biggest rallies. Additional details of the show, which will be co-produced by MLB and DAZN, will be announced in the coming months. There also will be on-demand MLB content and live weekend wrap shows available to DAZN subscribers.

“DAZN’s multisport streaming platform provides Major League Baseball and our Clubs an important opportunity to extend the game’s digital reach,” said Commissioner Manfred. “Our collaborative production will benefit DAZN’s subscribers with new ways to follow the captivating storylines, talented young stars and impactful plays happening around the game every day.”

“We are thrilled to partner with MLB on this important new initiative, which will be a great complement to and promotion of the outstanding lineup of live games from its national and regional broadcasters,” said Skipper. “We will target young multicultural fans, many of whom do not have pay television.  The fast-paced nature of a whip-around show will appeal to this audience and bring in new fans.  Ultimately, our goal with MLB is to grow both the overall audience for baseball and the burgeoning DAZN business.”

DAZN burst onto the scene in 2016, debuting in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Japan. Its early success across Europe and Asia spawned launches in Canada (2017), Italy and the U.S. (2018). Just this week, DAZN announced it would expand to Spain in 2019.

This MLB announcement aligns with DAZN’s promise to become a multisport offering after beginning its U.S. market entry within combat sports including more than 100 fight nights from Matchroom Boxing, Bellator MMA and other international promotions. DAZN, just $9.99 per month after a one-month free trial in the U.S., is available on connected devices including Smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, games consoles and PCs.

Last month, DAZN announced a groundbreaking partnership with boxing superstar Canelo Alvarez and Golden Boy Promotions that will take the Mexican sports icon off of pay-per-view for his next 11 fights and make him widely available on the DAZN platform for a low monthly subscription cost.

Internationally, MLB has partnered with DAZN since 2016, featuring live baseball games in Japan, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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