Mr. Met, 1964, in a multi-colored panel cap

Saw this a few weeks back and I don’t know about YOU but I had a busy week  so here’s QUALITY WEEKEND FILLER.   And the fine folks at Uni-Watch had a lot more about this so go visit them.

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Here’s what the 2019 All Star Game BP jerseys probably look like

Lots of cap tips here…anyway @Mediagoon is currently scanning himself in a Tron computer so that VirtualGoon can hit the Virtual Modells.  Get yourself a Robinson Cano.  #VoteMarkakis

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Mets Police Morning Laziness: is the Mets Police blog negative, and what is Hot Dog School?

Yesterday I wrote about how I am NOT excited for Opening Day (road version)  and found more people agreed with me than not (Facebook discussion).  One commenter asked why my posts have been so negative recently.

This is a normal reaction to the site (established 2008).  When things are going well I come across as negative.  I get it.  Most of my posts are about how things could be better.  Totally fair.

Then what happens is the Mets find themselves in 4th place and the fanbase starts talking about boycotts.  I then hand in the same kind of comment and get told I am a shill/sellout etc.  (Did you know that one time I got half a steak sandwich and a bottle of water FREE at a VIP Mets event!).   That always amuses me.

Anyway, do I do “negative” posts.  Sure.   Win a World Series and maybe I will write something nice.

SLACKISH REACTION:  I know I’m out here on an iceberg now but I will believe Pete Alonso is on the team when Pete Alonso is actually on the team.

I can’t take this seriously (via Newsday):

“We send our people to Nathan’s hot dog school,” he said. “As crazy as it sounds, Nathan’s has a school for how you cook their hot dogs . . . There’s actually a science to it.”

We have ten years to solve climate change.  The hot dogs will be fine.

Now that Robert Mueller has free time I’d like him to investigate relationships between sports agencies and big city franchises, because I suspect his findings would be interesting.

Wayne rebounded nicely.

The Mets are gonna pop-culture it up which is cool.

Was nice to sleep in this morning.  This post is extra lazy.

Meanwhile we can get all dramatic about this:

Add Mets Police to Apple News

The Mets are planning to partner with pop-culture brands

Despite my tendency to make fun of everything, this is cool, fun and smart.  This was part of yesterday’s news but you know Seaver Statue and Food and stuff, so this waited.

The Mets also will announce a promotional schedule of what DePaoli termed a “partnering with more relevant pop-culture brands. It pretty much started off with Marvel a couple years ago doing the Noah Syndergaard as ‘Thor’ bobblehead,” he said. “We saw a massive interest in that. It brought a lot of new fans to the park because they follow Marvel movies or they love ‘Thor.’ It  just opened up a new audience for us.” (via Newsday)

Now as much as I like Star Wars, I think that’s cooked…..and Marvel is cooked…..but hopefully the Mets can discover other fun pop culture things and tap in.  I know @mediagoon will hit Fast & Furious Night if they have it.  How about a good version of Zombie Night?  How about Super Mega Baseball Night so we can see what baseball would be like if it was not boring.  Dang, I almost made it through an entire post without being snarky.  Maybe next time.

Add Mets Police to Apple News

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