David Wright Mets Action Figure

How many of these do you think Media Goon owns?   This is a fun new thread I have found for Winter Filler.

So now we can have Mr. Met, David Wright, Luke Skywalker (Bespin Fatigues), and Princess Leia (Bespin Fatigues) take on Darth Vader, Boba Fett, One Stormtrooper (lol) and Grand Moff Tarkin

Even Baseball knows Baseball is Boring and has a problem

The New York Times has a good read about Generation Z and sports.  TLDR – they don’t care about sports.

The baseball part is of interest to me.

Does anyone really believe this stuff is working and/or matters?  Listen to yourselves…

Major League Baseball is finding success with its YouTube channel. It streams a free “Game of the Week” and created MLB Originals, short videos that have included interviews with the Puerto Rican pop singer Jhay Cortez, reaching women by putting a microphone on softball players for the U.S. team and using animation to explain what happens when a player is traded.

We can argue that back and forth, I personally think it’s hogwash and people lying to themselves, but here’s what’s REALLY TELLING.  Pay attention…

M.L.B. officials acknowledge that they may have to modify how baseball is played if the actual sport is going to appeal to a younger audience used to faster moving entertainment. It continues to experiment in its minor leagues with pitch clocks and limits on defensive shifts to make games shorter and more exciting.

“There’s no denying that there is more competition for entertainment, connectivity and mindshare,” Marinak, the strategy officer, said. “We need to tighten and make our product crisper.”

Oh and far as nonsense like using animation to explain trades…here’s the money line from the article.

“There’s always an extra human element in fandom, and that is magic,” he said. “Generation Z is not feeling it. When you try to be something for everyone, it becomes a product for no one.”

That last line is huge.  You can keep getting mad at me when I scream about long games and west coast starts and openers but if you lose the ME fanbase, then you’re really going to have nothing.

Baseball IS dying despite what the Baseball Mafia sells you.  It will die out with Generation X.  The older millennials will keep it on life support but when they pass, baseball will find itself over in the Also Ran corner of the sportsoscape with horse racing, baseball and hockey.  I will be dead, so this is someone else’s problem.





The ticking time bomb that is the Piazza Club

I was chatting with Media Goon the other day and we were discussing how The Piazza Club is an unforced error by the Mets.

For those not familiar with the Piazza Club, here’s the description on Mets.com cut and pasted as is (more on that in a second)

The premier 12,000 square-foot Foxwoods Club overlooks the surrounding Queens area, the New York City skyline and the USTA grounds. The massive modern space comes furnished with high- and low-top tables, as well as comfortable lounge furniture, and is also equipped with a full bar, concession stands and flat-screen televisions. Additionally, pipe and drape can be used where necessary to give the space a more intimate feel.


So right there kind of proves the point.  The Piazza Club is only going to be called the Piazza Club until the Vodka company (officially it is Piazza 31 Club by True Vodka) pays the freight.

As we see above, the club used to have another name and someone forgot to update the website!

Which brings us to the point here -what happens when the Vodka guys don’t want to pay the price and a Boiler Company takes over the sponsorship.  Do you take Mike Piazza’s name down?  How does that play?  Don’t you think certain blogs will kill the Mets for “Boiler Company Money more important to Steve than Mike Piazza”

This is an unforced error.  It won’t happen today, but it’s out there in the future.


Mules, Mercury Mets and the Three Mr. Mets – ideas for Mets who have nothing else to promote!

Hello Mets!

As always I am here to HELP you even though it usually takes you a decade to listen to me.

This season we can celebrate your franchise’s 60th anniversary.

You have chosen to pretend you don’t have any players on the team right now, leaving you with little to promote.  I am here to help you.

Put out a press release along the lines of “In our 60 years we have had some great moments and some less than great.  Join us as we celebrate all out history with this series of fun events blah blah blah”

Seaver Statue and Keith Hernandez Day you got.

Yesterday there was some buzz when John Olerud wore a Mercury Mets shirt.  You blew this one last year when you should have done it, but we don’t have a time machine so announce MERCURY METS DAY and just have fun with it.  We know it sucked but we love it anyway.  It will give everyone something to talk about.

Then announce the return of METTLE THE MULE.   We know it was ridiculous, but we also know it happened no matter how much you want to bury it.  Have a mule come by and Darren can sell t-shirts.

I am part of Mets history.

While we are at it, REUNITE THE THREE MR. METS.  Steve can afford to have a paper mâché head (and you can honor Dan Reilly while at it).  Drag out Mr. Met’s 1.5 costume from wherever that’s buried, and the current Mr. Met can come too.  Family picture.  Again WE ARE GOING TO MAKE FUN OF YOU REGARDLESS SO WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF.

While we’re doing this, something “2000” and something “David Wright Era” whatever those things might be.  Do a better version of Bobby Bonilla Day while at it.  Maybe Steve can give a zoom call explaining how financing works and how none of you paid for your house outright and are spreading out the payments over 30 years.  Jeff isn’t so stupid now is he?

There you have your fun promotable events to have the sales staff and social media team talk about until the lockout ends on March 20th.

You are, as always, welcome.