Local baseball player having awful season thinks today is the day he breaks out

Vulgar Pete is confident today is the day that he will break out of his slump!  #LGM

I will lift the curse if he denounces his corruption of the sacred LGM.

Pete currently has a WAR of negative 0.3. Millennials have stopped discussing WAR for some reason.

Can you name the 30 Mets? Game notes for August 3, 2020 with new player!

My friends the Mets sent over some roster updates.

C Ali Sánchez has been recalled from the team’s Alternate Training Site.

OF Yoenis Céspedes has been placed on the restricted list.

RHP Hunter Strickland has been outrighted to the team’s Alternate Training Site.

Artist depiction of Ali Sanchez

Sánchez, who was recalled today, will make his major league debut when he enters a game…He would become the fourth player to make his major league debut with the Mets this year, joining Andrés Giménez, Franklyn Kilome and David Peterson…With Peterson’s addition to the roster, the Mets now have four of their first-round selections on their active roster…Peterson (20th overall pick in 2017) joins Michael Conforto (10th overall, 2014), Dominic Smith (11th overall, 2013) and Brandon Nimmo (13th overall, 2011) as Mets first-rounders on the active roster.

The Mets are batting .202 (19-94) with runners in scoring position this season…That puts them 26th in the majors and 13th in the National League…New York is batting .172 (10-58) with RISP during the five- game losing streak and is hitting .176 (6-34) with RISP during this series.

Pete Alonso | INF | .175, 1 HR, 3 RBI, 0 SB

Last Game: 0-5, 3 K

HR Streak: 0

Home: .278 (5-18)

Road: .091 (2-22), HR

Road Trip: .077 (1-13), 2 R, RBI, 2 BB, 6 K

Baseball Hall of Immortals – Inductee #76: Tony Gwynn


The man with the highest lifetime batting average in the post-expansion era is the 76th inductee into the Baseball Hall of Immortals.

Tony Gwynn was as pure a hitter as baseball has seen since Ted Williams.  In the 20 seasons he played for the San Diego Padres, he batted over .300 in 19 of them.  Hi rookie season stands as his only sub-.300 year (he hit .289 that season).  Those 19 consecutive seasons is the longest streak in baseball history.

Gwynn led the National League in batting 8 times, second only to Ty Cobb’s 12 titles.  He surpassed .350 seven times in his career, becoming the only player to player to bat .350 or better in five consecutive seasons since WWII.

One of my favorite stats about Gwynn was that over the course of his career he had 541 plate appearances against Hall of Fame pitchers, batting .331 against them.  107 of those ABs were against Greg Maddux who he owned with a .425 average against the multuiple Cy Young award winner.

When Gwynn retired following the 2001 season, he had accumulated 3,141 hits (21st all-time), a lifetime batting average of .338 (19th all-time), as well as more than 1,300 runs and 1,100 RBIs.

A pleasure to watch, Tony Gwynn is most certainly an Immortal.


For some background on what this is, check out the introduction post here.


Behold the future of baseball! The 7 inning 2:25 game


Look at this beauty.  Two hours 25 minutes.  This is baseball’s future.  They are grudgingly accepting it, but they should dive in the pool in 2021 and make this EVERY game.

For newer readers. let me walk everyone through the truth that baseball has distinct eras, of pretty even 25-ish years, and once just ended.

Cavemen-1919:  Dead ball.  The HR king has 12 home runs.  Whatever.

1920-1946:  Power comes to the segregated baseball game.  The Golden Age (well, unless you believe in equality and stuff, but surely some famous baseball teams in here.)

1947-1968:   Integration.  Teams move around.   A pretty balanced sport.  The Silver Age.

1969-2004:  The Bronze Age.  Two divisions.  Playoffs.  Guys with the MVP hitting 30 HRs. Stolen Bases are a thing.  Pitchers strike out 300 guys and pitch 300 innings.

2005-2019:  Steroids ball.  From 1920-2004 you could kind of group the records.  That’s over as everyone looks the other way in 1998.  Wild Cards come to the game.

2020-2044:   The Modern Age.  Universal DH, 16 team playoffs (neither is leaving) and the first official 7 inning game.  It is already IN THE BOOKS so let’s just make it official and make the game move faster by effectively eliminating the stupid middle reliever innings.

2045-2069.  Generation X dies, and along with it, baseball.  The sport hangs on for a few years in the 70s as some old millennials talk about Derek Jeter, but the sport is effectively dead.


The Mets beat really wants to LOLMets this Cespedes thing…but it’s unwarranted

You guys know I am the first to make fun of the Mets, but I feel like the media is really trying to LOLMets the Mets on this Cespedes thing.  The media seems to want to paint a picture that the Mets were being jerks putting out the statement this morning.

You may not have noticed, but the media surely did, that the lineup was late this morning and there was a little LOLMets about the Mets struggling to write down nine names.

Had the Mets not started Cespedes, surely someone watching TV would have noticed that he wasn’t in the dugout…..and then this would have led to WHY DIDN’T THE METS TELL US THEY DON’T KNOW WHERE CESPEDES IS?????

So they are damned either way.  I thought they handled it well.  Seems like Cespedes handled it poorly.

Anyway it’s 2020.  Move on.  Now maybe we can #FreeDom and get him some ABs so that we can prove that the Mets should have traded high on Vulgar Pete last off-season.