A very friendly Open Invite to Jeff Wilpon to do a panel with me at the 2020 Queens Baseball Convention

A side conversation with T7L Darren at QBC19 inspired this post.

I have written about my Jeff Wilpon, Man of the People theory in the past.  The quick summary there is he should sit with T7L one game.

Today, I’d like to invite Jeff Wilpon to join us at the 2020 Queens Baseball Convention, and I’d like to personally invite Jeff to do a panel with me.

Jeff, although you do not seem to care, I think it would help with the fans if you were more accessible.

The QBC attendees would welcome you.  This would not be a Sell The Team crowd.  We have years of street-crew with the Mets Executives panel that we can ask intelligent thought questions, mixed with a tinge of whimsy and fun.

I’m not looking to drill you on Why Won’t You Sign Player X.  I would be curious about the parts of ownership that fans might not understand.  I’d love to know who your favorite player is.   Your take on pace of play.  Your POV on the fans, on statues, on retired numbers.  Some fun curiosity about your minor league career.

Dave Howard once took me up on an offer to hit a game together, and it was a great time.  Come to QBC 2020 Jeff.  Sit down for an hour.  Let the fans hear from you?

Why with ME?  If you do it with SNY Host it’s Too Official.  I can be the avatar for the fans, and I’m a known commodity with your own organization – they can assure you that this isn’t going to turn this into some ugly version of what this could be.

Come to QBC Jeff.   We have the same jacket!  Come answer the question – Why is Peter Parker a Mike Piazza Fan?  Fans want to know!

Seriously, I think getting out there a bit would really help the cause.  I hope you take me up on this, and I hope you also choose to sit with The7Line, unannounced, one game.

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Mets Police Morning Laziness: Cubs resist Army Invasion, Mike Piazza resists Lauren Sanchez

SLACKISH REACTION:  I am living the Battlestar Galactica episode “33.”  No matter what I try, someone in my house will wake me up every 33 minutes.  This morning was a full sleep interrupted by my wife’s explosion of noise including the Snapple bottle POP which will eventually make me snap.  If I go to bed early, someone will slam a bathroom door ten minutes after I go to sleep and then I stare at the ceiling for two hours.  If I sneak off to the far reaches of the house on MLK Day in the middle of the afternoon for a nap, someone will drop something right above my head.  There is no rest.  If it weren’t 5 degrees out I would sleep in the car.

The newspaper has something about some woman who was interested in dating Mike Piazza way back.  Whatevers.  Maybe she should buy this Mike Piazza Nesting Doll.

Here is the video of the Darryl Strawberry QBC Panel.

Here is video and a recap of the QBC Meet The Mets Executives Panel.


An interesting story from The7Line, who had to cancel the Chicago outing.  Darren told me the story in person, but I want to make sure that I relate the conversation accurately, so here’s Darren in his own words.

NOT LINKING: The AAIMBR has potential breakout players.   Why not suggest potential lottery numbers?  I guess it’s better than the potential trade targets article that all exists.   But as bad as that is, the AAIMBR has a trifecta today with that old chestnut: the 2018 Report Cards.  I give the AAIMBR an F for lameness.   That was a lame joke itself but they walked into it.

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