>How Long Will It Be Called Citi Field?


Corporate stadium names worry me. Enron Field. Pacbell Park.
I’m ok with calling this stadium anything, as long as it stays that way. However, citigroup has issues, and it wouldn’t shock me if in 2012 we’re calling this stadium something else.
Maybe we should all just start calling it “New Shea” or even just “Shea.”
Some excerpts from an article in the Times which you can read at the link below:
On Friday, at Mr. Pandit’s first major presentation to investors and analysts, Citigroup said that it planned to sell about $400 billion in assets in the next two to three years.

Citigroup has been down this road before, and the last time, things did not end well. In July 2004, Mr. Prince announced that the bank would hold a “garage sale” to sell businesses. Citigroup sold its Travelers Life and Annuity business and asset management arm, and part of its commercial leasing operations.

Would it shock anyone if Citigroup gets bought by someone and the new stadium gets a new name? Wouldn’t shock me at all.