Sticking Up For Willie For A Change (and other stuff)

This whole rotation changing thing is silly. Start Santana on his normal rest and just win a game. Willie is right when he says a win is a win. Bank a win on Thursday rather than trying to show off against the Yankees. Who is to say the Mets don’t score 13 runs in the first.

Looks like Willie is being overruled on this one. Not a big fan, but I feel bad for you on this one.

However…I did stumble across something called which I haven’t explored yet but I like the name.

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Apparently the Nationals think we are “rivals.”

Good job out of Maine tonight plunkling Lopez to start the game. I think the Mets are being whiny babies about the Nationals (throw strikes and you won’t get mocked) – but I applaud the team for feeling strong enough about it to do something about it.

Wagner just got the save. Once again Santana & Maine and pray for rain. Switched to the Yankees game (yeah you did too so don’t bust my chops) and I must say the turf at Tropicana is the ugliest in pro sports.