Memorial Day and Eddie Grant

Had you read the New York Times on May 30th 1921 you’d have seen this

MEMORIAL UNVEILING TODAY; Eddie Grant Monument to Be Uncovered at Polo Grounds.

So now you’re asking – Who is Eddie Grant?

Well Grant played for a number of teams including the never-spoken-of New York Giants. Not ana amzing bplayer by any means. Eddie was killed during World War I in 1918.

In 1921 the Giants unveiled a plaque in Eddie’s memory, and there it stayed until the Giants last game in 1957.

It was uncovered recently and now is in the possession of these guys:

How about we put this plaque back in a baseball stadium. How about Dodg, I mean, Ebb…um Citi Field which as you know honors the Polo Grounds with green seats.

Thanks to contributor Louie Maz (no relation to Lee Maz) for the heads up on this one.