>A Soccer Post?

This whole Red Bull New York vs LA Galaxy thing is never going to work. Soccer (Football please) needs to get super local. Brooklyn vs Nassau. Morris United vs Staten Island. You know, Bronx vs Queens.

Cyclones Fan suggested a bunch of local leagues, then some sort of champions tournament. Kind of like UEFA but just in the USA.

Good article here about watching the UEFA championships in the Chicago bars. If you saw the game or have ever hit the bars for some World Cup, it’s fun. It’s a hell of a better idea than the World Baseball Championship.

“Oh, they’ll come in, and the first thing we’ll have to do is separate the fans,” said Globe partner Stuart Johnston, who along with his buddy Jamie Hale, runs the spotless pub at 1934 W. Irving Park Rd.

“We’ll have two bars. One front and one back, and the fans of each team will sing songs at each other from bar to bar. It’s not just a big game. It’s the biggest game,” Johnston told me.