Live from the Upper Deck

Guys behind me discovered the sunday game moved to night They aren’t happy.

Nice play by Endy – called a second before by guys in back of me. I like these guys

My Jeff Kent rage came back when I saw #12. To this day I would not trade you David Cone for Ryan Thompson and Kent. And I mean todays david cone.

Cyclones fan is here with me. He’s taking pictures of the crowd. I guesstimate 25000. He says I’m being nice. They will announce 46000 I bet. Pics tomorrow

If Tatis gets to wear #17 I guess that isn’t going on the fence any time soon.

If the mets sign a phenom named James Shea will they take the nameplates off the

Cyclones fan just asked if they will include the skyline at ‘corporate field’ and if so will it include the twin towers.

Woooo the captain just homered!

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>Live from gate e
Live from gate e