Junior Joins Babe, Hank, & Willie (oh yeah – and 2 other guys too)

Congratulations to Ken Griffey, Jr. who hit his 600th career home run tonight in Florida – cause we know that Junior reads the Mets Police.

A few thoughts on Junior hitting this milestone:

– Take a look at the “crowd” at Dolphins Stadium. This is a team that is in contention (in 2nd place, 4 games back) with the possibility of seeing an historic home run, yet the announced attendance was only 16,003. Yes it was a Monday game, but still, it’s yet another example that baseball in south florida cannot work – at least not in that stadium and not in Miami either.

– The steroid era – which MLB and Bud Selig are as equally complicit as the players that took them – has truly diminished how special an accomplishment that hitting 600 homeruns is. MLB has tried to change that by ignoring the accomplishments of Bonds and Sosa when they promoting Griffey’s march towards 600 – something that only makes them look even worse.

– Griffey does become the first non-tainted player to reach this milestone and it should only enhance how good a player he has been over the last 20 years. He will probably end his career in the neighnorhood of 650 and will be the subject of countless debates over what might have been had he stayed healthy

>Junior Joins Babe, Hank, & Willie (oh yeah - and 2 other guys too)
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