>Mets Should Consider Being Sellers

>People seem to be coming to the realization that the last Mets game ever to be played at Shea Stadium will be on September 28th. There will be no post-season.

As I do the morning rounds, I see all sorts of suicidal Mets fans who once again are crushed by this team. We do know this team is capable of spitting a 7 game lead but there’s nothing that makes us think they are capable of making it up – so let me be the first to say it…ready…this one is going to hurt…

Maybe the Mets should consider being sellers before the trade deadline.

Pedro being Pedro is what we saw yesterday. Today’s Pedro is a 5 inning, 4 run pitcher. Maybe someone out there thinks they can squeeze blood from a stone and wouldn’t mind adding Pedro for the stretch.

You probably could get something for Oliver Perez. You can always resign him in the offseason.

Would the team really be that much worse off without those two…you’re 7.5 out now so it’s not like I’m trading Seaver in 1970.

Would someone take Delgado?

And while we’re changing things…how about a new manager?

You think it’s me being cranky…surf the blogs. Here’s one I particularly liked – fun writing, and critical of Omar.

Most of all, its time for us to stop expecting Omar Minaya to magically become an effective GM who can not only hire the best people to surround and support him in the front office but also put the best players on the field throughout the organization.


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Mets Should Consider Being Sellers