How To Make The Mets Organization Stop Being A Joke

The general consensus about the Willie firing is that this organization is a complete embarrassment.

Below is something I posted earlier in the year which seems appropriate this morning:

2009 presents an opportunity to start fresh in a new ballpark.

Some suggestions:

1. Embrace Mets tradition. This is no longer an expansion team. 45+ years. The Dodgers left a half-century ago. Let Los Angeles have them. Focus on the Mets. 1969, 1986. You’ve done a good job embracing 1986 on SNY, now do so with the team. Have some days to honor the guys we all love – Keith, Mookie, Wally, Gary….even invite Straw and Gooden back (when he’s available).

2. Create the position of Director of Franchise Integrity. Most of this franchise’s image problems could be solved by me, you, or any caller to WFAN. For example, did they really think doing this at 3:15 was a good idea? Run that past the D.F.I. Since this is a new position I offer my services.

3. Stop with the black uniforms. White pinstripes at home, the current road uniforms with a blue hat for the road. If you want to sell black or yellow or polka dots stuff at Modell’s that’s fine. Just look like a baseball team on the field. The Yankees sell plenty of t-shirts and hats without looking like idiots.

4. Create “The Mets Way.” When knuckleheads arise, rid the franchise of them. No more Vince Colemans. The Mets did a good job getting Milledge out. If Pedro can’t be bothered to show up and wave on Opening Day then good riddance.

5. David Wright is The Captain. This franchise lacks a career long franchise player. Let’s keep him here forever and let him be the captain. He doesn’t need a cheesy C on his jersey, but let it be known he is the man. Even if he just has OK stats for his career, the fans love him. Let us love him for a long time.

6. Tell Seaver to show up. If it takes paying him $50,000 per appearance like the Yankees had to do for Joe DiMaggio, then do it.

7. Bring the Apple. Why does management fight on this one? Bring the apple. yes we know it doesn’t work so well. It’s ours and we want it there, just bring it.

Originally #2 was: Put a Met in place as manager. No more Yankees. I’m openly in favor of Mazzilli. How about Backman? Carter. Hojo. Fans will love it. I want to be fair to Jerry Manuel, so since he’s brand new we’ll give him a shot. If it doesn’t work, this one goes back in.

2 Replies to “How To Make The Mets Organization Stop Being A Joke”

  1. I agree with you on a lot save for Mazzilli, and even Milledge, although I can definitely see your point of view.

    The fact remains that the Mets never had their own identity at the time of their conception. They had to honor Dodgers blue, Giants orange, and Yankee pinstripes for what exactly? To hell with that. Start over in Citi Field.

    New unis that resemble the 1986 jerseys, like the ones they wore during the tribute that Dave Williams pitched.

    All that is trivial really, but I agree whole-heartedly that they can’t bring in another Yankee to lead the Mets. The Yankees are the epitome of what the Mets should NOT be. Let’s hope they get it right.

  2. Thanks for the visit. I think you nailed it, the theme of today is start over.

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