Does Anyone Have The Number For The Bullpen Phone In St. Louis?

I’d like to place a call to the bullpen tonight (around 9:00 eastern) so Four Inning Pedro doesn’t start the fifth.  If anyone has the number let me know, or just call yourself and say “It’s Jerry, get someone up.”
Hang up before they ask any questions.
Jerry will see someone warming and then begin to think about pitching.  
In other news, the Empire State Building is talking about the anti-Met conspiracy.  Well not the building itself, the manager:
We’re bipartisan here at the Empire State Building and love both of our home teams equally. Because the Yankees won two of the three scheduled games for this past weekend’s Subway Series at Shea, the building was lighted in Yankees blue-and-white on Monday night. As you may remember, the Mets won the Subway Series weekend last May, so the building was lighted in Mets blue and orange as a result. Thus, both teams are 1-1 for the overall 2008 Subway Series season, just like the results from last year. We’re glad to see New York City’s baseball fans getting into the fun spirit of the Subway Series games with hopes of team-color bragging rights lit up on the Empire State Building.
Meanwhile, in the Bronx, even Hank realizes that the Rays are real:
“Not just this one series (Boston), but maybe the next couple series is going to be pivotal,”

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