Idea for SNY: Whatever Happened To The Rain Delay Films?

Back in the 70s and 80s Channel 9 used to show awesome rain delay films.

These were like video yearbooks of full seasons.  I’m making up the particulars but in concept you would have Lindsey Nelson narrating over clips with that fake crack of the bat sound effect:  ‘The 1977 season got off to any exciting start when Joel Youngblood homered on opening day!’

Then there would be a quick cut to the sign man who’d magically have thought to bring a “Blood And Guts” sign with him.

These were great.   I think they stopped showing them when Channel 9 got obsessed with Morton Downey Jr.

Then the Mets, in their Mets way, signed a 20 year deal with Sportschannel so their fans in Queens couldn’t see games.  (Queens wasn’t wired for cable until 1987 kiddies – so yes Virginia we missed half the 1986 season).  

Then of course Sportschannel stuck us with Fran Healy and it was all downhill from there until SNY showed up.

How about it SNY – find the films, or make some new ones!  Enough with showing me Todd Pratt games, I want some John Milner.