Sonics to Seattle: Fans Wait 50 Years For Owner Named Fred

I feel bad for fans of the Seattle Sonics.   (For you non NBA fans, the Sonics are moving to Oklahoma.  No really, Oklahoma.)  

The good news is 50 years from now you will have a new team and an owner named Fred.  Fred will do everything he can to pretend that the Seattle Starbucks are really the Sonics.  He will even build you a new arena that will resemble wherever it is the Sonics used to play.  

The bad news is that if you try to open a bar called The Seattle Sonic, it’s likely that some lawyers will pick on you.

I can’t wait to hear what they call this Oklahoma team (the name and colors stay in Seattle).   It’s 2008 and it’s all about marketing so I’m going to guess something absurd like Oklahoma Black Owls.