Why Is There No Demand for Mets Tickets?

I have Yankees tickets.  All season long I have been selling them.  Made some nice coin.

I have Mets tickets.  You can barely give them away.  I jump on stubhub (don’t get mad at me, visit mets.com and they are begging you to post tickets – somebody is getting rich on this) and tickets are going for face.

September 7th vs the Phillies.  Sure the child hating ESPN made it a night game, but it’s still a big game.  You can get a seat for $10.   Ten.

Every day I get emails from the Mets inviting me to get Pennant packs and to Show Up At Shea and whatever else they can think of.  Of course I could go all Mushnick here and mention that they bait-and-switch (Mr. Mets dash – oh psyche we moved the game to 8) – but in theory this is a good team and you’d think people would want to go?

Or are there just 40,000 Mets fans and we all have tickets?

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