Michael Kay Doesn’t Care About You But Was Right About Something

Michael Kay, who has no problem with the Evil Money Grubbing Football Giants From New Jersey and their PSL plan, did make a great point the other day about MLB.

MLB blew it.

The first opponent at Yankee Stadium One was the Boston Red Sox.

Now as Yankee Stadium II closes, the Yankees end their season on the road with Boston.

MLB should have played this week’s series AT Boston and had the NYY’s finish at home vs. the Red Sox.

What Kay didn’t factor in is that the Mets schedule would have needed to be tinkered with too – you don’t want both stadiums closing at the same time (although ESPN has a way of solving that) – but it’s nothing insurmountable.

He probably also chose to ignore that by doing it this way guarantees a sellout against Boston on a Thursday afternoon, plus guarantees a sellout against a lesser Orioles team.

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