The Evil Giants Of PSL Fame Final Game At Yankee Stadium Was Sep 23

I did not realize that the Evil Money Grubbing Football Giants From New Jersey played their final game at Yankee Stadium mid-season…and apparently a tie!  They finished the season at the Yale Bowl.  Weird, right?  35 years later the Giants would sell their soul to the devil by screwing their fans with PSL’s – and creating the Curse of The PSL’s which forbids the Giants from ever winning the Super Bowl until New Meadowlands is torn down.

Giants Tie Eagles on Last Play

Pay-Per-View – Washington Post – ProQuest Archiver – Sep 24, 1973
 on the final play of the final New York Giants football game in Yankee Stadium as the heavily favoredGiants salvaged a 23-23 tie with Philadelphia.
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I learned this today because it was the trivia question on YES.

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