Why Are Gary, Ron & Keith Complimenting Bobby V?

On my TV now, the SNY guys are complimenting Bobby V.  Why?

Bobby Valentine is the king of finsihing second.  You want your team to underachieve – bring in V.  I keep hearing this nonsense that he got teams to the playoffs that had no business being there?  Really????

Is it not revisionist history to suggest the Mets weren’t favorites to win the East most of those years?

Is Bobby not at fault for several awful Aprils?  Isn’t prepping the team in the spring part of the job?   When you are 8 games out on May 1st it makes for along year – so when you “bring the team back” don’t go crowing.

The Wild Card covered for a lot of V’s failings.   In ’99 they needed a play-in game.  3rd place in 2001.  5th in 2002.    He’ll manage the Yankees some day and it will be majorly entertaining.