Gary Carter Is A Quack + Willie Watch

The new manager of the LI Ducks is……Gary Carter?

Why Gary?  That job can’t pay that much.   Do you hope to win 100 games (does the Atlantic League even play 100 games) and prove you deserve a shot to snipe at Jerry Manuel the next time the Mets drop 4 straight?

Meanwhile Willie took a job as…..the Brewers bench coach?   Under a new manager?   What’s the strategy there – hope the new guy sucks?   Why not hit the beach and enjoy Omar’s money?   Isn’t it odd that Hank didn’t throw this guy a Yankee bone?   Very odd.

Anyway it was nice to write something original instead of a bunch of links to other people’s hard work.  Nothing much happening in Flushing since Seaver walked out of the building in September.