ESPN’s What If Buckner Had Fielded The Ball Cleanly

ESPN did a cool piece.

What’s often forgotten is that when Mookie hit that grounder through Buckner’s legs, the Red Sox had already blown their lead and the game was tied. Even if Buckner does make the play, the two clubs head to the 11th inning. Which team would have been better-equipped after the 10th? It’s probably a toss-up. The Red Sox had three reliable-if-unspectacular relievers left in their bullpen, while Mets manager Davey Johnson might have turned to Sid Fernandez, a starter during the regular season who had tossed four innings of scoreless relief in Game 5 (and would pitch flawlessly again in Game 7).

But for the moment, let’s assume the Mets eventually win Game 6.

I won’t spoil the ending for ESPN so click the link.

Meanwhile the Mets Police wonder things like:

What if:  the Mets kept Kazmir?
What if:  the Mets kept Kevin Mitchell rather than protect Gooden & Straw from drugs (ha)
What if:  the Mets didn’t trade McDowell & Dyskstra for nobody?
What if:  the Mets protected Seaver in 1984
What if: the Mets called games on rainy days rather than jack everyone for parking.

I could go on, and I will – it’s a long offseason


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