NFL Race Rules Cost Haslett

So the Rams hired Jim Haslett. He went 2-0. They wanted to name him permanent coach. The NFL said no because the team has to interview minorities in the offseason. So Haslett is an "interim coach."

Now the Rams are playing crappy and it's looking like Haslett won't get to keep the job.

Meanwhile in SF Coach Singletary is 0 and 2. I haven't done my homework on this but as a 49ers fan I only hear him referred to as Head Coach not 'interim coach.'. Are the Niners ok to go out and offer him a multiyear deal? Why is it ok to offer it to Singletary but not Haslett? Shouldn't the Niners also have to interview qualified candidates this offseason?

I think the policy was well intentioned but when it results in people not getting jobs or people being given 'no chance' interviews (like Tony Pena had with the Yankees) what's the point. It's more insulting than anything.

Let the Rams hire Haslett if that's what they want and give Singletary a deal if that's what SF wants. It's time to move on from the time when Doug Williams was a "black quarterback."

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