Go Get Sabathia

I know I’m usually a crank about free agents but I want the Mets to go get C.C. Sabathia.  He’s not 40 years old like they usually chase.   He’s in his prime.  He’s left handed.  If you can get the best free agent pitcher available you do it.

I don’t want to hear about payroll and the Mets money woes.  They have plenty of money, drew 4 million last year, will sell out the place this year and since they are going to jack us on ticket prices whether they have Sabathia or not, I’d rather have him.

In a post below Cyclones Fan ruined my day.  I can’t believe SNY let Lee Mazzilli go.   Good old Lee.  One of the foundations of this blog is that we will not rest until Lee Mazzilli takes his rightful spot in the managers office (hopefully after Jerry runs off 15 straight championships then decides to retire, we support Jerry).