Torre Talks To Newsweek

Newsweek just posted an interview with Torre which you can find here:
The most interesting thing to me is Joe’s take on steroids:
I never saw evidence of anything. I saw home runs go way over the fence, so there were questions you always ask. I guess I didn’t want to believe more than not believing. Without concrete evidence, it was tough for me to go and question somebody. I had a job to do, to put a ball club on the field, and the last thing I wanted to do was to throw a monkey wrench. Whether I wasn’t strong enough or too naïve, I just wanted to stay out of somebody else’s business.
We all “knew.”  From McGwire to Brady Anderson to Bonds to Clemens it was clear something had changed in the game and in the sixe of the players.  For that reason it’s silly to keep these folks out of the Hall of Fame.  Baseball enjoyed getting rich along with the players, it’s lame to turn our backs on them now.  The last thing baseball wanted to do was throw a monkey wrench.   Congress did.