Torre’s Book Not Going Away

"The difference between Kevin Brown and David Wells is that both make your life miserable, but David Wells meant to."

Those are supposedly the words of Joe Torre in The Yankee Years. That doesn't sound like the Joe we all thought we knew. Was Joe that good of an actor? Did he play the role of the calm patriarch and then go in the office and rip people to Zimmer?

The Daily News has the book and printed a few other quotes, really nothing that horrible. Sure if you isolate one sentence that Kevin Brown had demons it looks catty, but in the span of a big book it may not read that way. Either way for Joe, the Yankees and the Dodgers this isn't going away – and it's five days before a Super Bowl. The only winner so far – Joe Girardi who suddenly looks rock steady in comparison to the Post's version of Joe Torre.

David Cone, no saint, is quoted as saying some guys were on "the program" and mentions Clemens, Pettitte and "maybe Stanton.". I guess those guys won't be having Thanksgiving at Coney's.

Mike Lupica of the News has read the book and says it's much more and better than what we've been led to think.

Interesting stuff. I can't wait to read it.

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