Newish Pics of Shea and New Mets Field

Lost in Torre and A-Rod were some new pics of the Stadiums of The Mets.

Check out the gallery here.

Also the folks over at Flushing 9 are asking who was the most booed met over the last 20 years.  I’m now so old that I can’t count Doug Sisk.

If you’re inclined to set the VCR, tomorrow at 12:30pm MLB TV recaps the great 2001 season.   It really was.


2 Replies to “Newish Pics of Shea and New Mets Field”

  1. It looks like there will be a ton of parking (unlike certain stadiums in the Bronx). One of the nice things about attending a Phillies game is how easy it is to get in and out.

    I’m cheap and always park in Corona and walk. Now I have to walk an extra 400 feet to Not Shea Field.

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