Selig should learn from Lincoln to save baseball and the Hall of Fame

Baseball writers (including Bill Madden of the News) are already talking about keeping A-Rod out of the Hall of Fame.

This Hall is going to have quite a problem when I take my son there in 2020.

Among the people who it seems won’t be in the Hall will be Barry Bonds (you know, baseball’s home run leader both season and career) and Roger Clemens (he only won 354 games and struck out 4600 batters).

Mark McGwire, who the country cheered in 1998.  Not in.

Sammy Sosa, the guy New York City had a ticker-tape parade for – yes, you can look it up, New York had a parade for a Chicago Cub.  He won’t be in.

Rafael Palmeiro with his 3,000 hits and 569 homers.  Not in.

The all-time hit king, Pete Rose, he won’t be in.

A-Rod and his three MVP’s – no chance they award him another one – he won’t be in.

It’s kind of hard to have a Hall of Fame when all the top stat accumulators are not in.

In this 200th anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln, Bud Selig needs to take a page from Abe.

The only way to move on is to leave the past in the past.   Declare amnesty for all past sins.  The numbers shall hold, those whose numbers deserve the Hall should make it in.   You can’t undo the last 15 years.  All you can do is fix the future.

Move forward with a really tough drug police, one that the players union should be shamed into accepting.  It’s time to move on.